There were times when living a ‘luxury lifestyle’ simply meant buying fancy soap and an ‘all weather’ coat from Marks and Spencer’s.

Now with the rise of social media, living a ‘luxury lifestyle’ means showing pictures from your glamorous holidays or have an Audi on lease deal and you can forget just having a fancy soap, its all about the fancy bathroom.

For a lot of people who use the likes of Instagram these sorts of pictures are motivational!

They give you goals and things to aim for financially in your life and in other ways they can inspire you to do things you never thought of doing. But what can you practically do to reach those goals?

For a lot of people, when it comes to having spare money to do things in their life, it usually comes at the sacrifice of having to cut expenditure in other areas.

So first you might look at what bills you can trim, then its what you can live without to free up cash and before you know it, you’re taking three day old salad to work in a lunchbox just t save £2 on lunch!

It’s usually at this point people discover my website!

My name is Jon and I run a website called The Money Shed. It’s the UK’s largest community website dedicated to earning money from home with over 7000 members and over 145,000 posts. On our forum, we help everyone from beginners just starting out, to seasoned pros bringing in over £1000 a month. Unlike other similar sites or Facebook groups, we specialise in HIGH PAYING work rather than just surveys that pay 50p for half an hour of your time or low paying click sites like Swagbucks.

With that in mind, how can I help you live a luxury lifestyle without having to live life a pauper at the same time?

Let’s have a look at the three easiest ways for you to achieve this!

So what are some of the EASIEST ways you can earn decent money from home and get those sunnier times booked?

Ever put a search term into Google and not been happy with the results? Well with Appen you are helping to improve the results that search engines put out. So if someone looks up the term Kim Kardashian, they don’t get the results of Donald Trump!

There is a three part entrance exam, which requires a little bit of studying from their guidelines, so its something you’ll want to dedicate a bit of time to but once you’ve passed, you can log in and work whenever you want.

The work pays more than the UK minimum wage and you’re paid every 30 days. It’s a great work opportunity for those who can spare maybe an hour or two everyday and the money really does add up.

Everyone has their favourite websites. It could be a shopping one or social media related but we all have those sites we use new enough everyday!

Sometimes we gravitate to them because of the layout or the functionality but we carry on returning to them no matter what! Working for uTest you’ll be looking for bugs and glitches on specific websites (and apps sometimes). Just like the above opportunity, you can log in and work whenever you want. Someone on The Money Shed made over £20,000 during the last year alone so there really is serious money to grab!

  • Risk free matched betting (£600 a month)

Perhaps the holy grail of earning money from home. Risk free matched betting has been around for years. I’ve made over £30,000 in tax free cash from it and its paid for (amongst other things) three family holidays to Florida. A conservatory and a car! Matched betting is simply taking advantage of the ENDLESS free bet offers that sporting betting websites give out.

You can do this any time you want and time-wise, it just takes a few minutes you do it so the rate of pay is through the roof!

So just by dipping in and out of the opportunities above, you will be able to earn an extra £1400 a month and this is just the tip of the ice berg!

If you want to find more ways of earning DECENT money from home then pop over to our forum or come and take a look on our blog which amongst other things has a fantastic ‘Beginners Guide to earning‘ which will walk you through earning £1000+ a month without any trouble and before you know it, it will be YOU putting up the glamorous photos on Instagram from your latest holiday to Barbados!!