make money from your family videosDid you know that you can make money from your videos? I’m not talking about high-end professionally created videos. I’m talking your everyday smartphone videos, from capturing a rainstorm to your pet fails, to your heartwarming moments or your kids just being funny!

I made £23.23 from just a 15 second long video of my sons playing in the kitchen! 15 SECONDS!!!! 

make money from your family videos

We’ve all heard of YouTube – however, there are many other platforms that can offer a lot more money for your videos by distributing to media organisations and TV productions. If you’ve got some great videos stuck on your phone, it’s time to start sharing!

Choosing a platform

My choice in platform has been Newsflare, a marketplace for all sorts of videos. My friend Sian from LittleMissFrugal used to work there and was the first to recommend the friendly team to me!

Newsflare has a large number of buyers from news organisations, online publishers, TV production companies and brands. Such organisations include The Weather Channel, The Daily Mail, ITV news, NBC and more.

You can see from the image above, my own 15 second video sold straight away to Microsoft, Liveleak, AOL and Associated Press!

When a buyer is interested in a video they purchase a license to publish it. This license fee is then split between you the member and Newsflare. You always remain the owner of the video and can request its removal from the platform at any time.

Others in the market are Jukin Media, StoryFul and ViralHog – however, most operate a closed platform meaning they will contact you if you have a newsworthy video whereas Newsflare is open for anyone to start uploading!

What makes a great video?

If you’ve ever captured a video which makes your friends say:‘Aww, Oh my God or What the hell?!”’ then there is a good chance that you can make money from it!

The best-selling videos are those that have a compelling moment, whether it’s shocking or laughter, you’ll be surprised at what can sell! For example, people love to watch babies falling asleep eating, Britain’s wild weather moments or just cat and dog fails!

If you’re stuck for inspiration, you can also check out the video briefs or even the trending videos for an idea of what Newsflare are looking for.

With my first video, it was around the time of the last Winter Olympics and that was the hook for my little 15 second movie made in my kitchen. You can view it here.

Make money from family videos

How to get started?

  1. Sign up for free to create an account to earn money for your videos.
  2. Go through the steps to verify your account  – this helps the team know that you’re a trusted member.
  3. Add in your PayPal details to ensure you get paid!
  4. Check your smartphone for any videos that may be worth uploading and get started!

How much can you earn?

The amount you earn is never going to be guaranteed, it really depends on how compelling the video is and the demand from the buyers.

My friend Sian has earned over £2000 in the last two years from her videos – some of which are surprisingly not what she would have considered compelling!

Making money from uploading videos is really a long game, Sian has had sales months down the line and it is always a nice welcome surprise when you get the congratulatory email!

make money from your family videos

The best thing to do is sign up and give it a go!

They even have a handy mobile phone app you can upload directly too!

TOP TIP: Visit Newsflare’s video briefs for up-to-date requests of what videos the buyers are wanting and look out for the ones for TV productions!

Disclosure – this was a post written in collaboration with Sian from LittleMissFrugal. Although no fee was exchanged, this post does include my referral link to join Newsflare.

If you click through and use Newsflare, they will give me and you £10 each when you make your first sale.

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