The average price of houses across cities in the UK has increased by different amounts since last year. According to a government report, the average cost of a house in England went up 9.4%. In Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the figure is at 13.9%, 10.8%, and 7.9%. There are several reasons why the price of a house might be above or below that figure. Here are some tips if you’re looking to make the most money when selling your home.

Improve Your Home; Money Follows Value


The first thing to do is value your home. Find out how much it is worth and what you can change to improve the value. Repainting the house, for example, can significantly increase its value. You’ll spend extra, but you’ll gain far more by doing this. You should also remove old items and declutter the house. Decluttering is an important step that helps prime the house for the next occupants. Remember to leave a human touch, though; most people prefer a house with a touch of humanity. The trick is to remove your personality from the house without losing human feelings.


Find A Suitable Showing Company Or Buyer


You must find a showing company or buyer willing to give you the best possible price. Some buyers or showing companies are in the business of flipping homes and may not pay as high as others who generate profits in other ways. If you’re looking for a reputable firm that does not charge any fees, then try Hull Cash Buyers. They typically give the best value for houses they purchase.


Clean, Fix And Maximise Space


It helps to put your house in the best condition before selling. Clean out the house; take the cleaning crusade to every hidden area. Repair and fix any issue with the furniture, heating, or electricity. Ensure that you maximise every space, either for pleasure or work. It gives buyers a sense of purpose to see creatively used spaces. If you have a garden, yard, or porch, remember to make it as beautiful and comfortable as possible. Remember to clean out the pool if you have one. You can negotiate higher prices for houses that are in top condition.


Save Costs And Fees


House sales typically involve some legal fees. You can check up on some home conveyance fees. While the fee may not take a large portion of your profit, it is okay to save on them to maximise the money you make. There are certain costs that you can avoid by taking on the responsibilities instead of outsourcing them. However, the conveyance fee can be reduced or saved by having your showing company take over the purchase process. Showing home companies usually have an arrangement with attorneys of their choice to process and pay conveyance fees instead of charging their clients.


See If You Qualify For Tax Exemption


You might qualify for some capital gain tax exemption. Find out if you meet the conditions and then apply for an exemption. You can maximise your profits this way to help expand your potential rewards and allow you to earn more money that could be put towards another property.