When you see people win their dream prizes in the newspaper or hear of their big wins on tv, do you just think, wow they’re so lucky or wonder if they have a special technique to win?

Well, I’d say its a bit of both. You definitely have to be in it to win it, but there are ways to increase your odds to win what you want in competitions.

Wish list

Before you join any new websites, sign up for more junky newsletters or start making your own postcards, begin with writing a wish list.

Whether you write a list in a notebook or use a notes app on your phone, it really doesn’t matter.

Di Coke from Superlucky.Me encourages her followers to create a bingo card with their wishlist items on it. The below image is my bingo card for 2021.

win what you want

I’ve made mine in a simple Excel spreadsheet. The idea of these lists or bingo cards is to get you to visualise what you really want. What will add value to your life, can you *see* yourself winning it? You’re going to need to be able to.

I’m sharing this blog post in the second week of Jan and I’ve already won the food box one! In fact, I’ve won a month’s supply of healthy food from MindfulChef worth £112! It will go perfectly with the month of personal training and nutritional plan I won for January too.

The second reason to write these wishlists is to focus your comping entries.

Once you know what prizes you’re looking for, you can start searching for these only. There will be a lot of “white noise” with other competitions you’ll see once you start entering online. Unless it’s something you realise you REALLY want, avoid them. It’s taking up your precious time and if you win, its taking away a prize from someone that might actually really want or need it.

Here’s some of the different kind of competitions you can choose from.

Creative competitions:

This is where you’ll need to do something creative such as write a poem or make a cake etc in order to enter. These kinds of competitions get much fewer entries so higher chances of winning!

Text to win:

These require you to text some details to a short code phone number. Just check that these texts aren’t going to cost you lots of money and if there’s a free online entry option instead, just do this!

Online entry:

These are websites pages with embedded form to capture your details. Check the terms and conditions as you may be able to enter more than one time but this may be daily so make a daily to do list to ensure you maximise your chances to win.

Instead of an online form, some websites will use widgets. These might be Gleam, Rafflecopter or similar. These are great for quick comp entries as you can use autofill for these once you’re signed in. Most of these are to increase visits to certain webpages or social media accounts so work your way through them and look out for daily entry options too.

Purchase necessary:

These are the comps you’ll spot at the supermarket on food and drink packaging. Just make sure you keep your receipts and packaging. Often these are comps on the big brands which cost more cash than own-brand versions. If there are a lot of prizes to be won though, it can be worth spending a little more to try and get the win.

Radio call-ins:

You’ll have no doubt been listening to the radio at some point when they ring a random person and tell them they’ve won ££££££ and get to witness the shock and excited squeals of the winner. There are a few different versions of these calls. Sometimes the person answering the phone will need to answer and say a special code word, or maybe they’ll have to answer a quiz question. Popular at the moment is to be able to recite how much the prize fund has reached thus encouraging everyone to keep listening to this particular radio station. However, these can be a great way to achieve some big cash wins and often have free online entry options so worth it if you’re hoping to win money or your bills paid for the year for example.

how to win what you want

Where to find competitions

The following are my go-to places for finding comps online:


Prize Finder

Money Saving Expert

Competition Database


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