This is a great time of year to start Matched Betting with Profit Accumulator!

I’ve mentioned if before on my Facebook page that whilst on maternity leave with ThriftyBaby, matched betting was a major extra income for me. Plus it was tax free so I didn’t need to register as self-employed then. It’s also really flexible to do so I could work around baby naps and feeds. I started doing this when ThriftyBaby was only two weeks old.I made a regular extra £1000 a month from doing this alone.

So what exactly is matched betting?

You’ll have probably seen on adverts that betting companies offer new customers free bets on joining. So you open an account with them, make a small deposit and place your first bet – this is your “qualifier”. You then open an account with an exchange (similar to a bookies but this is where you bet against something happening to cancel out your bookie bet). This is called your “lay bet”. Exchanges do charge a small commission but this can be pennies and you make it back straight away!

So how is this going to make me money?

You’re a small amount down during your qualifier bet but then the bookies give you a free bet – this is where you make the big money! Many joining offers say bet £10 get a £20 free bet for example. You use a special calculator throughout all of this which tells you EXACTLY what to do and who to place the bets on. Trust me – you don’t need to know anything about betting or sports!

Is it really that simple?

Yes! I am a member of Facebook group of over a thousand people who are making the most of this loop hole. We love sharing what its enabled us to do with the extra money. The simplicity comes when you’re using an advice system like Profit Accumulator. They have hundreds of thousands of members that are making extra income each month. Once you open a FREE TRIAL account with them, you are guaranteed to make money from the start – THEY GUARANTEE IT! There are really easy to follow instructions on what to do, in what order, provide the special calculator to work out the stats for you and brilliant instructional videos to watch (over and over if you need to) and you can pause them as you do each step.

Did you mention a sale?

Profit Accumulator have dropped their subscription costs from £22.99 to £17.99!

You can join up and access exactly what you need for a free trial. During this you’ll make about £45. After this you can take advantage of a discounted monthly membership of £17.99. (You’ll have already made more than this)

With your Platinum subscription you get instant access to:
  • Over 100 signup offers
  • Brand new offers daily
  • Detailed instructions for every offer
  • Quick and easy to use software to help you with your bets
  • Unlimited support from our team
  • Access to the biggest (and best) matched betting forum
  • Risk-free and tax-free money!

What happens when you’ve joined most bookies?

After utilising joining offers, bookies then do different offers to keep you an active member. These are called reloads. They work in a similar way to the free bets on joining. All the instructions of how to do them are given to you on a plate on the Profit Accumulator website.

Have a look at the website first. You should find all the answers there but if you still have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

Let me know what you’re going to spend all that extra cash on too!

Hollie x


*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links