Novice investors face a range of possibilities and options. There are many things that need to be considered before you make your very first investing decisions. You should first of all learn about the range of options out there and establish your goals as an investor. Every investor will have their own aims and ambitions.

For some people, the focus is on long-term investing in order to grow their retirement fund. If you’re looking to invest with a long-term view of things, you don’t need to worry about the short-term ups and downs of the market. But if you want to make money over the short-term, catching trends and trading stocks might be an option to consider.

There are lots of other ways of investing and lots of different investment vehicles to consider too. From real estate to cryptocurrencies and even fine art; there’s an investment niche for everyone. It’s worth taking the time to survey the options so you can find a niche that genuinely interests you.

If you want to invest in a variety of assets and opportunities, you might want to consider a self-directed IRA. These investment vehicles focus on alternative investment opportunities such as real estate, crypto, precious metals and hedge funds. You can find out more about them via the infographic below.

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