Being a working mum isn’t always easy but you likely wouldn’t have it any other way. You have a loving family to take care of and are simultaneously following your professional dreams. As a small business owner, working for yourself can be a challenge but also comes with many rewards and honestly the last five years have been some of the most fulfilling for me. That’s all thanks to running ThriftyMum.

If you want to get and stay ahead then you must discover ways to do better and improve over time. If you get too comfortable in one place you risk losing momentum and the competition stepping up and interfering with your progress. Here’s four ways, in particular, that will help you improve your small business and the find success you deserve.

1. Set Goals

Improve your small business by always setting goals and setting new ones once you meet the previous ones. Goals should always be top of mind for you and drive your behaviours and choices. Not only set goals and review them regularly but also track and monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments to your objectives and business plan. Notice what’s working and areas you can be doing better to help you get on the right path and meet your goals quicker.

2. Communicate Better

Good, open, and honest communication is vital to you succeeding as a small business owner. You must do so with your customers, especially. In the era of phones and technology consider sending out text messages to your clients to keep them informed. Be glad to know that you can integrate SMS into your systems easily using FireText’s SMS API to schedule your messages and ensure they go out quickly and efficiently. Texting is an excellent way to improve your marketing strategy and reach so it’s worth checking out. Scheduling messages is ideal if you know you’re going to be looking after children or doing a day job when you need your content or messages to be sent out.

3. Hire Skilled Employees

Another way to improve your small business is to hire skilled employees who can help you reach your goals in a timely fashion. Although you’re the boss and leader it doesn’t mean you have to complete all the tasks and work yourself. In reality, it’ll be too much for one person to handle when you begin expanding your products and services and getting into new markets. Hire talented staff and then track their performance to see how each person is doing and to identify who has what skills and who needs more training.

4. Update Your Website & Start Blogging

An excellent way to market your small business and get in touch with customers is through your website. Upgrade it so that it’s functional, user-friendly, and has all the important information included that a consumer who’s shopping around would want to know.  In addition to updating your website and making sure it’s easy to use and attractive, you should consider starting to blog more. Launch a business blog and share relevant and interesting posts and information that your target audience would want to view. Make sure you include social media buttons on your blog that readers can use to click and share the content with their networks. Between your website and your blog, you’ll soon begin to draw in more attention and leads.