Working from home has a lot of advantages; such as no commute and being surrounded by all your home comforts! For some people it can become distracting though, therefore it’s possible to make changes in your home to help increase productivity.

Use of lighting

Bad lighting can have a negative impact on your mood, leading to lower levels of productivity. That’s why it’s crucial to get the lighting right in your dedicated workspaces, and anywhere else you’re likely to work from in your home, even if only occasionally.

With Syndeo Plug and Play furniture lighting, you can transform your office furniture and create the perfect ambiance for getting your work done. The lighting can help you get into the mindset, transforming the appearance of your office, so you forget you’re at home and slip into work mode.

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Creating a space for your family

If family are your biggest distraction when you work from home, create a place for them too. So, they can entertain themselves without disrupting you. A television or games room could be set up in a part of your home where the noise is unlikely to bother you. Alternatively, if you find your children constantly argue while you’re trying to work, you could adapt their rooms so they have separate areas to play or study while you work.

Make the most of your space

If you have a small office, make the most of your space. Get a desk which has drawers, so you have space for storage, without the desk taking up any additional space. Don’t get a big gaming chair if you don’t need it. A slightly smaller chair can be just as comfortable but will take up less space. Besides, you want to be comfortable enough to be productive, but not so comfortable that you end up dozing off.

Consider a standing desk

If you struggle to get enough exercise or find the right posture when working, a standing desk can help. By standing and adjusting the desk to the right height, you won’t end up slouching or leaning forward. Although you should still move around regularly and get some fresh air during your breaks, standing can be better for blood flow than sitting. Just make sure you have a chair to sit on if your legs begin to feel tired.


If you have the space in your office, you could get an exercise bike, rowing machine or whatever you prefer. Unless you’re in the middle of an important call or task which can’t be paused, try to work out for ten minutes every hour or two, just to prevent yourself from being sedentary for too long. This can also be a good time to come up with solutions to work problems.

By having the exercise equipment in your office, you avoid having to walk through the distractions in your home. So, ten minutes of working out really is just ten minutes.

Increasing productivity when working from home involves getting the lighting and office equipment set up in a way that works for you and taking regular breaks to recharge and look after yourself.