Starting a new business is a really exciting time. I know when I began ThriftyMum I had so many ideas and if the biz at that time had involved premises and staff, my to-do lists would have been even longer.

A checklist list will definitely accompany you from the moment you make the decision to move to the first few days in the new business. So the more you can branch it out, break it down into categories and clearly appoint someone responsible for each step – the less difficult the work in the next steps will be. So if you are moving premises, then here are some of the top elements to consider:

  1. Inventory list of equipment you would like to transfer to your new premises.
  2. A list of all the equipment you would like to renew.
  3. Important contacts in the new office.
  4. Equipment, technology, communication providers, including contact information.
  5. A realistic budget for each expense (and you will take into account an additional 30% for all the events that you did not plan and for which a solution needs to be found) 
  6. New decor, a new warehouse floor, new filing etc.



Three to two months before the move, you should find out if the new office building has special requirements regarding security or communication. You will also find out what the condition of the office is and whether it requires renovation. If the answers to the questions are positive, you should understand in advance the estimated cost and the real time it will take to address it. Check what is allowed in the new building too. If you’re renting the premises, have these conversations with the landlord or site management before you sign the contract.

Disconnect and connect

Electricity, telephone, network, fax (?!), cloud storage, computer services and more. A month before the move, take the list you have prepared and start marking on it what has been done, what has not been done and what should be done soon. In addition, if you have not yet transferred all of the company’s business information to cloud services it’s time to think about it. Moving a business to a new location is an opportunity to innovate not only in the level of decor but also to streamline the business significantly through smart management systems like cloud services. 

This type of service saves space and costs for the business, so instead of a computer room you can create a seating area for employees or waiting customers, and in addition, the backup to the entire database of the business will be maintained in a reliable and secure manner. Moreover, today in the cloud it is possible to connect to a virtual exchange that saves the need for a physical exchange in the office, and monitor the activity of the business through one central control panel (“dashboard”). 


In addition to employees it is important to send an email and notify the transition to all suppliers and customers. The email should be sent out relatively early (at least about a month in advance) so that the parties have enough time to evaluate. If the transition is such that it is expected to directly affect the day-to-day dealings with customers (customer service, change of address to send mail or phone number, etc.) it is worthwhile and even desirable to inform about it on the company website, Facebook page and even consider sending SMS. About two weeks before the move, leave a voice message on the call router that will automatically notify customers and suppliers trying to contact you. Being prepared is the best defence!