grandparents childcare

Do your parents help with childcare so you can go out to work? If so, then make sure they’re not one of the tens of thousands of grandparents missing out on a benefit to ensure they’re not short changed.

What is it?

Introduced in April 2011, the Specified Adult Childcare National Insurance Credits is aimed mostly at grandparents (below state pension age) who regularly provide childcare to their grandchildren so their parent(s) can go to work. This is for grandchildren under 12 years of age. It doesn’t have to be grandparents though, so can be any other relative offering the same support.

What does it offer?

The benefit tops up the grandparents’ National Insurance contribution as if they were working full time themselves to make sure that when it comes to retirement, they don’t miss out on the entitlement to state pension benefits. When a carer reaches retirement age, a year’s worth of contributions can be worth as much as £250 a year extra!

How to claim

Currently less than 10% are claiming this benefit which is a huge shame as it really is so easy to claim. Grandparents can claim on an annual basis from October for the previous tax year.

Thankfully, because so many people haven’t heard about this benefit, carers can also claim retrospectively for years they didn’t claim. In theory you can claim all the way back to 2011 when the benefit came in to force. To make a claim, use this form on the gov website.

Imagine how much an extra £250 a year will actually be worth considering life-expectancy ages these days! It’s got to easily be worth thousands to most people!

Make sure you get what you’re entitled to!