One of the main advantages for mums who are nurses is that nursing offers them a great life-work balance. This balance is especially important for mums with young kids who want to work while still being able to spend lots of time with their kids. If you are looking for opportunities that help maintain this balance, nursing is a great option for you, and we will look at additional reasons below.


One of the best reasons to become a nurse is the flexibility it affords you as a mum. Nursing makes it possible to work motherhood into your career without sacrificing either. One way it does this is through flexible working. Hospitals are open 24/7 around the year and they also need nurses throughout. This means hospitals set day, night, and even weekend shifts to ensure there are enough nurses to take care of their patients. Additionally, some hospitals offer long breaks during the day and nurses who live close to hospitals can take this time to check in on their kids.

Nurses can also work in doctor’s offices where the shifts are 8 hours long. If you have kids who attend school, it is entirely possible to be home when they get home from school.

Advance Your Career From Home

For many other career options, you have to go back to school if you would like to advance your career. This is often difficult for full-time, on-campus course that can take anywhere from 1-4 years. Nursing gives mums the ability to advance their careers from home because there are so many online postgraduate programs available now. These programs are 100% online so a mum does not have to step into a classroom!

Additionally, mums who are nurses can keep their jobs while completing their online degrees. This is a great perk as mums can take advantage of the staircase effect where they earn an advanced degree while working and then use the degree to apply for better positions and seek better opportunities once they complete their degree.

This ability to advance your career from home also opens up opportunities to increase your income, which means you end up doing better for both yourself and your family.

Gain Skills That Can Be Used to Care For The Whole Family

One consideration to think about when choosing a career is how the career can help the family in the long run. Thinking about the tangible skills that can be applied at home and in other settings apart from the hospital, we can begin to see why nursing can be such a great career choice for mums. Nursing and first-aid skills are very important for various emergencies that happen at home, especially for mums with young kids.

Nurses are trained on performing CPR, disinfecting and wrapping wounds, administering an EpiPen in situations that require it, and treating other conditions. The ability to evaluate family members and friends and to diagnose the illnesses and conditions they may have could save someone’s life and help prevent serious health complications.

As a mum who is also a nurse, you never have to worry about what to do if your child gets hurt or has an accident.

Staying Close To The Kids

As kids get older and go off to college or relocate to follow their dreams, there is always the temptation to relocate to stay close to them. For many working moms, relocating is not an option as many jobs require that you are always in a fixed location or at the company’s offices.

Nursing is very different because it gives you the ability to relocate almost anywhere where there is a hospital and where your credentials are accepted. Additionally, some of the places with the best universities also have the best opportunities for nurse practitioners. This means your kids can attend the best schools and colleges while you work in world-class hospitals near them.

Relocating like this is possible because there is always a need for nurses around the country and mums who are nurses can always find work wherever they land.

Nursing also allows mums to travel and work closer to their kids by becoming travel nurses. Although becoming a travel nurse is not a viable option for single mums with young kids, it is a viable option for mums with older kids.

Having the confidence to work anywhere by either relocating or becoming a travel nurse gives moms who are nurses the assurance that they can always be close to their kids.

3-day Workweeks

Hospitals usually have 8, 10, and 12-hour shifts. The 12-hours shifts are usually staggered to ensure no nurse is overworked to prevent burnout. This can see nurses who have not opted for extra shifts work for 3 days a week. This leaves 4 days every week when moms who are nurses can be with their families.

Having these extra days available allows mums to spend uninterrupted time with their families, run errands, or take a break from it all if they prefer.

No Business Trips To Contend With

Unless you are a travel nurse, a career in nursing does not require that you make frequent trips. These trips can be fun before you have kids but can be detrimental for working mums who already have kids. In nursing, you can choose a primary work location and stay at it however long you would like. The only other situation that would require travel is advanced training sessions or mandated conferences.

Working Per Diem

Some healthcare facilities allow nurses the flexibility to work per diem or “bank”. Per diem means working by the day, which means nurses can come in when they want and not come in if they are not up to it. Basically casual working. This is especially great for mums with young kids, and they can decide not to come in if anything is going on at home.

Working per diem has several advantages including higher pay for working as few or as many days a week, as long as there is a need for a registered nurse, creating a schedule that caters to your lifestyle, and the flexibility to cancel shifts a day before or taking one a few minutes before it starts.

Great Benefits

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities offer their employees great benefits. These benefits include dental and health insurance as well as great retirement plans. These are just some common benefits offered, but there are many other benefits offered depending on the healthcare institution or employer. A Blue Light card is another popular one with lots of discounts for the highstreet on offer.

These benefits are great for mums because they know all of their health and dental benefits are covered, sometimes including those of their dependents, and their retirement is sorted out. These packages can vary but mums who are nurses will be glad to know the basics are covered.

Switching a Career To Nursing

For mums who want to spend more time with their kids and who already have a career, switching to nursing is relatively easy. Many Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees take about two years for students who already have a science degree. There are also accelerated nursing programs for those who already have any degree. These degrees provide the most value for mums who want to get into nursing as quickly as possible.

Once you graduate, it will be relatively easy to find a nursing job. This is because there is a huge nursing shortage right now, with healthcare facilities accepting new nurses all the time.

Lots of Out of Hospital Opportunities

As mentioned, hospital shifts can be long and unpredictable sometimes, Fortunately, there are lots of nursing opportunities outside the hospital. These opportunities can give mums the ability to spend quality time with their kids because they usually have fixed hours. Additionally, many of these opportunities do not require nurses to come in on the weekends or during the holidays. Some of these opportunities include working in doctor’s offices, opening your own practice, working as a school or occupational nurse, and many others.

Work-Life Separation

A common pitfall mums who work fall into is bringing their work from home. These can be reports that need to be completed at home, emails that need to be sent, or calls that need to be returned. With nursing, there is none of this. Nurses can separate their work from their lives because they do not bring their work home.

This can be incredibly important for moms who want to be completely available when they get home. It is also great for mums who do not want to maintain a home office where they can complete some of their work.


For mums looking for a career that gives them flexibility, great benefits, and lots of advancement opportunities while also allowing them to be available to their kids, nursing is a great option. Nursing allows you to do all the above and more, and the great thing is that it does not take a lot to get into nursing. You can join a full-time program or an accelerated program, and then advance your career through online advanced masters or doctorate nursing programs.