5 Common Surprise Costs & How To Handle Them – Choose Wisely

5 common surprise expenses

Although you may be managing your monthly budget carefully and living within your means, there’s always a chance that an unexpected bill could suddenly crop up. With no wiggle room in your budget, no savings and potentially less-than-perfect credit, you may feel overwhelmed. However, being prepared with a plan will ensure that you won’t stumble […] Read more…

How To Prepare For Interview Whilst On Maternity Leave

preparing for interview whilst on maternity leave

For a lot of women, maternity leave gives the opportunity to reflect on their work life balance and having children can really put things into perspective. Suddenly the thought of being away from your babies has to feel really worth it so needs to be for a job which offers a lot of job satisfaction. […] Read more…

How To Manage Your Lifestyle On A Week Without Money


Whether you’re still feeling the effects of a pricey party season, or you simply want to focus on changing your spending habits; almost everyone can benefit from a no spend week every now and then. A no spend week is where you set out to spend only the bare minimum for the duration of the […] Read more…