5 Ways to Save Money After a Personal Injury

personal injury

Whether you’ve been involved in a car accident, had a fall in work, or been a victim of medical negligence, there are many personal injuries that can hinder your quality of life physically, mentally, and financially. In many instances, a personal injury may cause you to take time off work, which can result in a […] Read more…

What To Do With Your Old Wedding Dress

what to do with your old wedding dress

It can be difficult to know what to do with your old wedding dress once your big day has passed. The last time I wore mine was many years ago. I’d paid more for it thinking if I got something of quality and completely timeless and with a corset top then it would be suitable […] Read more…

How To Get A Job And Make Money From The 2021 Census

Make money job 2021 Census form

When I was 16 my mum got a side hustle working on the 2001 Census and let me help her. It was extra money in her pocket and a few might have come my way too for helping out. It wasn’t a difficult job to do, didn’t require a lot of thinking and it was […] Read more…