start investingIt’s a new financial year! This year I’m determined to make my money work harder for me. So I’m going to learn about investing. I would love you to join me on this journey. Where and how to start to invest is the first port of call. So here’s a round up of the most useful and easy to read posts by the UK’s top money bloggers.

  1. Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash gives a really honest review of his first six months of investing. He explains how its possible to make money without understanding all the technical jargon. He also explains robot-advisors and how you can be as involved as you want (i.e pretty much not at all) and still reap the financial rewards of your investment. You can read his post “How I Tried To Learn Investing And Ended Up Blogging It” here. 
  2. Emma from Bee Money Savvy has provided a really simple round up of five places you can start investing online. She talks through more alternative routes such as cryptocurrencies, domain names and peer-to-peer lending. You can read her post “5 Ways To Invest Your Money” here.
  3. Faith from Much More With Less explains why investing isn’t just for men in braces! She says investing is for working or stay at home mums who have as little as £1 to invest. Not only does Faith debunk the investment stereotypes but she also provides some sage advice on risk and why you should spread your investments. You can read her post “Investing For Beginners” here.
  4. Emma from The Money Whisperer highlights the importance of being on the same page as your partner with investing. She offers a great, easy to understand explanation of compound interest. You can read her post Make Your Money Work For You: Let’s Talk Investing” here.
  5. Nikki from The Female Money Doctor  explains that if you have a pension, you’re already investing! Paying yourself first is the idea that your investment comes out of your salary first before you make any monthly purchases. Nikki gives a great explanation of why low cost passive investment could be a solution to get you started. You can read her post “Pay Yourself First: Index Trackers For Wealth Building” here.
  6. Nick from Pounds and Sense has hosted a guest post by Lewis Lew from The Frugal Student. Lewis explains the technical terminology around investments. He also illustrates how reinvesting your dividends (the money your investment pays out) can increase your wealth significantly. You can read his post “How To Invest For Income From High-Yield Share Dividends”  here.
  7. Tim from The Money Engineer has written a a nice post about investing in stocks and shares ISAs. Tim explains how to access them and what to look for regarding fees in his post “Start Investing” which you can read here.
  8. Sam from Money Nest highlights the importance of keeping an emergency fund aside before making any long term investments. You can read Sam’s post “How To Invest Your Money” here.
  9. Maria from The Money Principle shares a wonderful personal account of her experience in investing in stocks and why she’s given up doing the hard work it requires. You can read her post “This Is Why My Love Affair With Value Stocks Was Passionate And Brief” here.

So there we have it. I’ve read these posts listed above too and found them deeply engaging and I can’t wait to begin my investment journey. I hope you’ll follow, maybe you’ll join in?

how to start investing