tooth fairy

Slightly unexpectedly we became in need of a visit from the tooth fairy tonight so urgently needed to do some crowd sourcing of the going rate for the tooth fairy.

It seems there’s quite a variety of financial arrangements depending on postcode and family size. Also sometimes the tooth fairy only has certain coins with her at the time a visit is needed and this sets a precedence for what can be expected for the remaining teeth that follow on.

The key to a successful visit from the tooth fairy is to be prepared!

Going rates

Lots of fairies are currently paying out more for the first tooth and slightly less for the rest.

Many parents have reported that the fairies who visited their children received £2 for the first lost tooth and then £1 each.

Other fairies concentrate on the shininess and size of the coins so go with a silver 50p for each tooth.

Alternatives to money

negotiating tooth fairy ratesOf course, some fairies don’t carry coins and instead can leave other presents.

These little token gifts are sometimes tooth related, so a children’s toothbrush and toothpaste can be acquired for free from lots of children’s centres, dental surgeries and food banks.

East Yorkshire Foodbank has a dental advisor attend who can provide some advice about how to get children to brush their teeth without requiring a headlock manoeuvre to get them to comply. Might have had a lengthy chat with her myself!

Some fairies are flower fairies and leave pressed flowers with a little letter thanking the child for such a clean tooth. Or perhaps a daisy chain, depending on the time or year.

Other fairies are woodland fairies and can leave pinecones sprinkled with glitter. A small packet of seeds is also a good idea that tooth fairies sometimes use.

How you know a fairy has been

There are lots of ways you know a fairy has paid a visit. Sometimes the tooth fairy will leave money, sometimes a little token gift. Other times though, it could be some fairy lights in a jar.

tooth fairy rates

A little fairy door might appear in your house or garden like this one or maybe you’ll see some fairy garden items.

It all depends on the fairy’s budget but as with most things, there’s no right or wrong way the tooth fairy can make their visit known, its the magic or the story and the importance of regular brushing that really matters x

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