It’s not easy to think about your own mortality when you’re in the throes of motherhood. Every single day with my boys is nonstop chaos from the moment they wake me up by climbing into bed with me, to the moment they finally pass out from exhaustion as I tell them another made-up story about dinosaurs flying to outer space.

hollie and her boys holding up moustaches form a board game

In fact, I find living in the moment can make these long days and short years easier! Not dwelling on things I should have done differently or worrying about how we will handle SATs tests next year but instead being present and stopping to smell the roses as they do. Or picking up feathers, special stones, particularly interesting sticks etc lol I absolutely love days like those! But sadly there are the days that pierce your life and jolt you back into the realisation that life isn’t perfect but actually incredibly fragile and beyond our control at times.

This last year has been peppered with days like these, where I’ve wondered if this is how I go. It felt like every few months there was something awful that required more tests to assess the severity. A constant stream of feeling in limbo and waiting for a professional to give me more news that would shape the rest of my life. Then, there was the car crash, plus contracting Covid over Christmas. After the latest all-clear I decided that I needed to get my life in order for the sake of my children.

Being a single parent means that once I pass, it’s likely to be my solicitor which needs to navigate my paperwork, so getting organised now whilst I’m able to feels like a sensible move. However, I hadn’t given much thought to life insurance until it dawned on me that we don’t get to live forever. Sounds silly, almost ridiculous typing that but I do think it’s how most of us live. Head in the sand, leave it for later.

That’s why I was pleased to be introduced to Do It For Them life insurance.

When people talked about life insurance in the past, it felt to me like something that rich, white, middle-aged, middle class men cared about. Not something that a single mum in her 30’s with frankly enough bills to pay, could afford! But when I saw that prices were from £3.99* a month, I realised that this is less than a pint and certainly less than the cost of a magazine these days!

*Quote based on a non-smoker DOB 30/11/1993 over 20 year term, cover amount 149,662

do it for them life insurance

I noticed my perception was way off on what would be involved to get approved. I expected lengthy interrogation into my medical history – really didn’t fancy that! And definitely wasn’t convinced that I would understand all the jargon and knowing me I’d end up on the wrong site and be paying monthly for something for 70 years for it to then not pay out upon my death due to a naive misunderstanding on my part!

Getting a quote

All I needed to do in order to get a quote was say how many children I had and the age of my youngest, my own date of birth and whether I had smoked in the last year. Honestly, I can’t believe how easy this section was, and it took about 20 seconds to complete!

Choosing your payout

The next screen gave me options of how much I’d want to be paid out upon my death. This is for fixed-term life insurance so would run up until Ted turned 25. Looking at the monthly costs it dawns on you that it’s actually cheaper than a tv subscription and yet I’m only now giving it priority!

do it for them life insurance quotes

Finish it off

After picking the pay-out I wanted, it was time to fill in more questions about me to tailor my cover. All the usual contact details were asked first, which my Chrome extension auto-filled anyway (super quick and easy!) then it was time for the medical questions.

I love the simple boxes to click rather than having to respond to each question individually. If you should need to click yes for any of the questions, then it shows you relevant related questions. This means that in the event that your responses are nice and healthy, saying no to every illness and ailment etc then you can really whizz through the questioning.

You’re then provided with your final quote. Mine was actually slightly cheaper than the original quote so it’s worth going through this section, even if the first quote is slightly beyond your budget.

do it for them life insurance

And voila, I was done in less than 10 mins. I’ve had longer trips to the loo!!

I love that the policy is backed by Legal & General as I’ve heard of them and know they’re legitimate. And honestly, I feel like I’ve levelled up as a grown-up. It feels like one of the most responsible things I’ve ever done in fact. I now know that if anything happens to me in the next 20 years, there will still be money for setting up my boys with their driving lessons, first car, and house deposit to get them set up in life. All those things I intend to do in due course, I’ve guaranteed will happen and that feels so good!

do it for them life insurance

Disclosure – this post is sponsored by Do It For Them life insurance to encourage more parents to take control of their personal finance to protect their family’s futures. My review of the process is my own and my opinion of the ease of using the website is also my own. The policy is one I have taken out myself as a genuine customer.