Ultimate Baby Financial ChecklistCongratulations on your new or imminent arrival! It is such an exciting time but you can easily experience information overload with everyone wanting to give you their own advice. Along with baby brain though, its not easy retaining all that info. That’s why I’ve created this handy check list to ensure you get the most important bits sorted!

  1. On the run up to you having your baby, you’re likely to be making at least a couple of big purchases. Perhaps you’ve had a baby shower now and received lots of lovely gifts? Make sure you call your home contents insurance company to ensure all your new baby belongings are covered.
  2. With a new pram, you’re likely to start leaving your phone, keys and purse inside a changing bag attached to it. Its worth looking into “away from home” insurance cover as this doesn’t always come as standard with your home contents insurance.
  3. Update your will with details of who you would want to look after your children should the worst happen. Make sure you have a chat with the people you’re nominating to confirm they’d be happy to first! This is a good time to set up a trust fund too, however small.
  4. Once your little one has arrived and you’ve registered their birth, use this certificate to open a bank account asap. You’d be amazed how many people will still want to send your new baby a check in their name!
  5. Bag yourself some free new parent life cover from Aviva. You’ll get £15,000 worth of cover for the first 12 months of their life.
  6. Already got health insurance? Then make sure you contact them to add on your baby’s details. Some insurers will automatically cover your children but others will require a name and birth date.
  7. Update the beneficiary details on your insurances, pensions and retirement plans. Again, should the unimaginable happen at least your children will be supported financially.
  8. Sign up to Amazon Family to save up to 20% on nappies and baby food. There’s often freebies which you can get from having a baby wish list too so make sure you start one of those as well and look out of the deals in your inbox. For more baby freebies check out this post.

*Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.

Ultimate Baby Financial Checklist