shipley solution to ebay collection onlyWe’ve all been there. We’ve fallen in love with a bargain eBay item only to find that it’s listed as ‘collection only’ and it’s located at the other end of the country. *sigh*. This tends to happen to me with furniture. In fact it did happen last year and I’d already pressed buy it now before realising! I can get away with EBay purchases that just come through the door. I tell my husband they’re bargains we needed (obviously!) and they’re already home so that’s where they’ll stay 😉 With the sideboard I found, I had to sneak off before he woke up and drive from Hull to Loughborough! I even had to use his car so I could fit the thing in it to bring it home!

Maybe you’re a seller having a similar issue. Are you avoiding getting rid of those huge toys that have been gathering dust in the shed for fear of no-one wanting to buy something listed as ‘collection only’?

Let me introduce you to Shiply.

So what is it?

Shiply is a website to connect you with transport companies who are travelling in the same direction as you want your eBay item to go.

How do you use it?

You just put in the pick-up and drop-off addresses and the details of the item you need delivered. Or you can put in your eBay product page link, and all of the item details are automatically entered for you.

Then what happens?

Once you’ve made your listing, just sit back and let the quotes come to you. Make sure you have a good look at the feedback and insurances of all the companies that have provided quotes, and once you’re ready, pick a quote and off you go!

Got any top tips for using it?

Prices tend to drop even further if your item’s been listed for over 24 hours. If you’ve got time to wait – do it!

Before you make your listing on Shiply, take a look at the recently completed deliveries to get an estimated cost for transporting your item. Once you’ve got a rough idea of the price you can factor this into the item’s overall cost so you can buy and sell with more confidence.

Shiply has thousands of registered transport companies, many with specialisms like moving pianos, cars or boats, so you can get all sorts of things delivered!

So next time you’re decluttering, making a little bit of cash on the side, or grabbing a bargain for yourself, don’t fear ‘collection only’!

shipley solution to ebay collection only

*Disclosure – this post was written in collaboration with Shiply.