Tiny Chipmunk bamboo towelsBathtime is such a luxury now that I’m back to work and our evenings are intense and hectic. Fortunately during the week the boys get a baths at their grandparents’ houses. This is really helpful but that’s why we enjoy our weekend baths even more now. We can linger, have longer splash time and play with the toys and bath bombs. James’ favourite word at the moment is “cosy” so we make a point of wrapping up warm after our baths and taking time to just snuggle. Tiny Chipmunk asked us to review some of their new bamboo towels so we were more than happy to take part.

Tiny Chipmunk bamboo towels are huge!

The first thing you’ll notice, after taking the towels out of their lovely brown card packaging (and recycling them hopefully) is that these towels are ENORMOUS! Measuring 90cm x 90cm these aren’t just bath towels, they’re more like blankets. The massive size of them means that they’re perfect for growing children; these aren’t just baby towels. This means that they’re going to last beyond the first few years, that’s the exact reason why I don’t mind paying a bit more for something of such quality if it is going to last. Oh, and they have a super cute hood with ears #winning

They’re beyond soft!

Having tried (and used over and over again) the (also ginormous) muslin cloths from TinyChipmunk and experienced how soft they were I wasn’t surprised that the towels would be too but I didn’t expect them to be this soft! You can read my review of the muslin cloths here. Bamboo is known to bring a softness to fabrics. I only ever wear bamboo softs these days. The towels are super soft and snuggly – perfect for sensitive skin and new baby bum cheeks and face cheeks which need extra care in looking after.

Tiny ChipMum bamboo towels

They’re super absorbant!

Last weekend I took Ted swimming whilst James was at rugby practice but forgot to take my own towel. Normally panic would have set in but I made do and easily too with my new Tiny Chipmunk towel! I gathered Ted out of the pool, dried him down, wrapped my hair, dried myself and it still did not feel heavy or sopping wet. It’s made of magic! Actually, it is because it is made of bamboo which is loads more absorbent than cotton.

Tiny Chipmunk bamboo towels

They’re hygienic, good for the environment and come with a guarantee!

What else could you ask for? The towels are, chemical free, odour resistant, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial – perfect for baby’s sensitive skin plus they come with a 100% money back guarantee ANY TIME!

You can even pick the colour of the little face on the hoods! Blue, pink or yellow means these would make a lovely gift for an expectant parent (even if you don’t know the expected gender) or for first years birthdays/Christmas.

No wonder Tiny Chipmunk are confident in their products. They impress me so much and I am more than happy to recommend their quality range.

Tiny Chipmunk bamboo towels