Ikea at SheffieldIkea at Sheffield is a great halfway meeting point for us and some family so we decided to get together there this weekend for some fika (Swedish for a coffee and cake break).

Although we didn’t take any kids with us this time, I couldn’t help notice what an amazing place it is for a family day out!

Here’s my top reasons…

  1. There’s a park outside to burn off a bit of energy after a long car drive.Ikea at Sheffield
  2. There’s a children’s creche for little ones aged 3- 10 for 45. All the staff are at least NVQ Level 3 trained and will provide one to one care for a child with additional needs. Click here for more info and how to book.
  3. The cafe has a great choice of child-friendly food.Ikea at Sheffield
  4. There’s a fab baby and toddler feeding station where you can warm up bottles and food.Ikea at Sheffield
  5. The breast feeding pod inside the cafe means you’re nowhere near the toilets for a change! Ikea at SheffieldIkea at Sheffield
  6. In the cafe there’s also a play area for little ones, because we all know how hard it is to sit still whilst everyone else is still eating!Ikea at Sheffield
  7. Bargain corner means you can buy pre-built Ikea furniture at less than the original price.Ikea at SheffieldTop tip – go here first to save you time and effort walking around the shop if you can bag what you’re looking for straight away.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get dressed up as vikings too…’cause why not?!? Whether you’re after a room filling Kallax, a neat Billy bookcase or just a wander around for a looksee, Ikea has it all.ikea at sheffield