Firstly, I just want to say that I’m quickly writing this up in the hope that the people running the East Park Sant Drive Through Experience (Holland Leisure) will have time to maybe make some adjustments for the benefit of anyone else booked to go.

Also, I have the highest respect for anyone who is being creative and innovative to work around the current Tier 3 restrictions in Hull and East Riding.

That said, I will always share my honest feedback when reviewing a place.

Brace yourself.

So today is the first day of the East Park Santa drive-through experience. You can buy your tickets through Eventbrite which you can then save to the app on your phone.

As a one-off visit I didn’t mind paying a little extra as I knew opportunities to see Santa were going to be limited this year.


Child’s ticket – £11.50 +£1.49 booking fee

Adults – free

Optional add ons:

Extra Presents for children not visiting £4.09 + £0.91 booking fee

Adult gift £4.09 + £0.91 booking fee

So for two adults (with gifts) and two children we paid a total of £35.98.


You’re given an hour-long slot, so I (wrongly) thought the experience would be about an hour long. I drove VERY slowly and it took four minutes in total. You can’t go back round for a second time either, even if you wanted to. I’ve spent longer at a McDonalds drive-thru.

Random rides you can’t go on

Bizarrely, one of the first things in the drive through is a ride that wouldn’t look out of place at Hull Fair…which you can’t get out of your car and go on. They were next to a poster of polar bears and some festive statues.

East Park Drive Through Santa Experience

No snow snowglobe

Opposite the ride you can’t ride, is a giant snowglobe with a picture of the characters from Frozen in it. The snow isn’t turned on though, so it’s just Elsa and Anna in a bubble. Maybe this is more apt than snow given the circumstances.

East Park Drive Through Santa Experience

The Grinch

Actually, I was really creeped out and impressed in equal measure by The Grinch. He gave us a wave.

East Park Drive Through Santa Experience

The drive-through

The drive through bit is a long gazebo with some decs in. But this is your final bit so make sure you drive REALLY slowly or else you’ll get through it and realise that’s all there is. The picture below is the full length.

East Park Drive Through Santa Experience

Santa and his helpers

It’s really hard to feedback on this performance as I know these are real people just trying to earn a wage. But a smile, eye contact, a proactive wave and saying Merry Christmas would be a start….

East Park Drive Through Santa Experience

(further edit seen as everyone has been pointing this out to me)

No mince pies here mate – we have a bottle of Lucozade and a bag of Walkers on the go!

East Park Drive Through Santa ExperienceThe “gifts”

Santa decided that my kids would love a Minecraft gun each. I could have sworn there was a Santa code where gifting weapons isn’t cool. These guns really are the gifts that keep giving though as my sons found out they also do shooting sound effects and flash red or blue.

Basically, instant migraine, kept crapping myself that the emergency services were behind me from the glimpses of the flashing lights in my rearview mirror and the best bit? You can’t remove the batteries without a tiny screwdriver.

They also received fidget spinners too large for their toddler-sized hands.

The adult gift was another fidget spinner, a box of biscuits and a 50p off voucher for crazy golf!

East Park Drive Through Santa Experience


I can’t recommend the East Park Drive Through Santa Experience. Save your money and go for a drive through Cottingham to see the Christmas lights or do the gingerbread trail through the Bricknell Avenue area. You can get the map here.

However, my sons (age 3 and 5) didn’t seem to mind it. They did want to go around again, which they couldn’t and they didn’t get a chance to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, which they were disappointed about. But they weren’t visibly sad and haven’t stopped shooting me with their new guns since we left. Yay.