Before having the boys, I was really fortunate to spend a lot of time in Northumberland, so thought I’d share some places I loved in case you’re up there any time soon!

Marking the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire, Hadrian’s Wall is one of the UK’s most impressive ancient monuments. Originally spanning the 73-mile distance between the River Tyne and the Irish Sea’s Solway Firth, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a British cultural icon and a tourist attraction that’s well-worth paying a visit.

reasons to visit hadrian's wall

But what makes the 2000-year old structure so special? It’s a sight to behold, sure, but are there any other reasons to make the journey? Definitely! Read on to learn more about why you should add Hadrian’s Wall to your travel bucket list.

Scenic Landscape

Take a look at any images of Hadrian’s Wall on the internet and one thing will immediately stand out, which is the stunning terrain that surrounds it. Many parts of the structure snake through cloud-touching hills with endless views of the Northumbrian countryside.

reasons to visit hadrian's wall

It’s guaranteed to blow you away, especially if you happen to be there during sunset. Large sections of the wall run alongside a walking path, equipped with rails to make it safe and accessible. There are also areas that are better suited for avid hikers, with plenty of challenging terrain to keep your fitness in check.

Fun for All

That brings us to our next reason, which is that Hadrian’s Wall is a great destination for everyone and anyone. Its remoteness makes it the perfect place for an individual to unplug, unwind, and enjoy some much-needed peace in the serenity of nature. If you’re going as a family or group, rest assured that it will be an enjoyable experience.

Some companies have begun to specialise in offering Taxis, Tours and Transport for Hadrian’s Wall. This includes Go Hadrian’s Wall, which provides a flexible transport service tailored to your needs and capacity requirements. Their licensed drivers are more than happy to take you and any accomplices on a pleasant excursion through the area.

reasons to visit hadrian's wall

Rich History

It goes without saying that Hadrian’s Wall is just oozing with history. During your time in the area, you’re guaranteed to learn something new. Even though the structure today is only a remnant of its former glory, there’s still something awe-inspiring about it that needs to be felt in-person. This makes it an ideal destination for any history buffs.

In case you thought the wall and its surrounding landscape are the only things to see and do in the area, you’ll be glad to know that there’s far more to it than that.

Along the course of Hadrian’s Wall are several museums with interesting artifacts to explore. This includes Chester’s Roman Fort and Museum, Senhouse Roman Museum, and Housesteads Roman Fort and Museum. The locals also host events in the area including reconstructions.

reasons to visit hadrian's wall

Not too far away is Corbridge Larder, a gourmet deli with an endless variety of cheeses, cakes and other delicious treats to fuel up on during your visit. Plus lots of amazing charity shops!

Let’s not forget the many other attractions that can be found nearby, such as the town of Hexham. So, there you have it – more than enough reason to visit Hadrian’s Wall in the near future.