Hornsea garden centre

A staple feature of maternity leave for me was frequenting my local garden centres. They have everything! Play areas, animals, hot drinks and tasty homemade food made from local produce. Being skint again, I decided to go back to what I know best which is finding a free day out for the family so we went to check out the new children’s area at Hornsea Garden Centre at Sigglesthorne.

Play area
Hornsea garden centre

The new play area is outside with plenty of chairs and tables for the adults and stuff to keep the kids busy. It was really quiet when we went on a Saturday morning and lunchtime so can only guess word hasn’t got out yet about how good the play area is.

There are swings, cars to ride and scuttle bugs to play with but the key feature is a huge wooden pirate ship with ladders and slides attached. Lot of opportunity for little ones to tire themselves out!Hornsea garden centre

The pirate ship is surrounded by a huge sandpit and there area lots of plastic buckets and spades for the children to play with.


Inside next to the cafe seating is an “enclosed” play area for little ones with loads of toys and a train set table too. This was really perfect as the boys weren’t inclined to run off whilst we waited for food. Hornsea garden centre

However, we didn’t have to wait long for their food at all. I was really impressed with how quickly their meals arrived. Within ten minutes the boys were being fed nice and fresh food.Hornsea garden centre What I wish I’d spotted before ordering their meals though was the option of children’s carvery. You can get a baby bowl for only £1.50! Total bargain! Even the under 7’s option for £4.95 is great value.
Hornsea garden centre

The carvery was excellent and meant that I could eat hot food whilst the boys played and waited for theirs.

Hornsea Garden CentreWhilst Hornsea Garden Centre doesn’t have animals like some garden centres, they do have an extensive aquatic area. There’s lots of opportunities for kids to “find Nemo”! They find looking at the fish really calming. This is an ideal way to complete your visit before getting back in the car ready for their nap.