Accidents happen all the time, especially at home. You might fall over, eat something nasty or accidentally burn yourself on a pan. Minor accidents are very common and are usually treated at home with some antiseptic and plaster.

However, more severe accidents can also occur at home, and they can have far worse consequences. If you have experienced an accident at home, make sure to seek some help and support.

Here are some of the most common accidents that can happen at home.


Trips and falls

We are all guilty of falling over at home. You might have tripped over some rogue children’s toys or shoes in the middle of the floor. It’s important to watch where you are walking and encourage those in your house to put things away.

In lockdown, many people started making DIY home improvements when they were stuck inside. People fell off ladders, step stools and chairs as they tried to fix things in hard-to-reach areas. Never try to climb a ladder on an uneven surface, and make sure you have a clear space to land in case you fall. Do not store sharp objects, like screws and nails, at the bottom of the ladder where you could fall on them.


Food poisoning

Almost 5,000 people die from eating poisonous substances every year. You must wash your hands and countertops before you begin cooking and after you are done. Always check the best before date on your food and avoid taking any risks with meat and poultry. You will regret it. Food poisoning can make you very sick and is one of the most unpleasant conditions.

Use cabinet locks to store any cleaning and gardening products containing harmful chemicals safely. You should also store your medications in a locked cupboard to prevent any accidents.



You need the correct equipment for the kitchen. High-quality pans, oven gloves and utensils can make it easier to cook safely and efficiently. Household fires can start from leaving something on the stove or poorly maintaining your household appliances. Make sure you have a working fire alarm in every room of your home and outside each sleeping area. An InterNACHI certified home inspector would make sure every alarm is properly installed.



Children under three years old can choke on small hard foods. Try to store these items up high so they can’t reach into the cupboard and grab them. You should also be wary of keeping stuffed animals, loose blankets, and bumpers in their cot. These items can cause suffocation if the cot is overcrowded. Keep it simple, and make sure their cot is a safe place to sleep in.



Always keep sharp objects in a drawer with a safety latch. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to knives, forks, and scissors.

Home safety can be quite a scary topic. Make your space is as safe as possible for your family and take the necessary precautions.