Poundtoy budget party bag fillersThis year everything has been on a really tight budget. So when PoundToy asked me if I was interested in reviewing their website I was intrigued to see how cheaply I could make up the party bags for Ted’s 2nd birthday.

PoundToy budget party bag filler ideas

I’d already saved lots of money on his party thankfully. I did this by limiting the number of people we invited; just close friends and family.

I made it clear I wasn’t doing lunch either but just drinks and cake. The cake was only £3.99 from Aldi and drinks were just cordial or water (plus tea for the adults). I also managed to WIN soft play hire for the children to play on from Mimi’s Soft Play in Hull.

PoundToy budget party bag filler ideas

What’s PoundToy?

PoundToy is a website that sells toys and games for children of all ages but they focus on high quality brands. It isn’t just cheap knock-offs from China being sent over in large shipments. They’re brands you’d recognised like LOL, Disney, LEGO, Paw Patrol and My Little Pony.

PoundToy budget party bag filler ideas

What makes them special?

The toys really are so cheap, many even less than a pound each. There’s frequent sales and discount codes to use too! Perfect for a parent on a budget wanting party bag or stocking filler ideas.

Tell me about the party bag filler ideas!

There’s actually a category on the website just for budget party bag filler ideas. You can then filter by price to suit the budget you’re working to so you can only view what you can afford and aren’t tempted to spend more.

You can add in extra filters for gender and age if you want to. I found this really useful for Ted, as him only being 2 years I didn’t need it to show up anything too small which could be a choking risk.

PoundToy budget party bag filler ideas

Blind bag fans?

Are your little ones obsessed with blind bags at the moment too? Ted isn’t there yet thankfully but some of the older children who were invited, I know are crazy about them and after one every weekend from their parents. They’re so expensive in supermarkets. They’re around £5-£10 each but I get that sometimes one of these can be a really good negotiation tool. Needs must some days right?!

Fortunately PoundToy has blind bags for only £1 each! Such a great budget party bag filler idea or you could just give these out at the end as a little gift. They’d also be perfect for creating a pass the parcel too! I picked up a few of the Disney Princess and Thomas and Friends ones. These were perfect for the pre-schoolers coming to Ted’s party.

What else have they got for parties?

As well as the actual contents for party bags they have the bags themselves and all other party supplies you might need. It really is a one stop shop for kids parties! There’s cups and plates, balloons and banners, stickers, wrapping paper and bags and beautiful bunting.

PoundToy budget party bag filler ideas

The PoundToy site was really easy to use from my phone which was a big bonus.

PoundToy budget party bag filler ideas

I loved that I had all the options of how to pay too was ApplePay. It’s a god send in making life easier for people!

PoundToy budget party bag filler ideas

What’s the delivery like?

Delivery was free for me as I spent over the £25 minimum spend for free postage. I made sure I stocked up on little gifts for parties for a few years! Christmas stocking fillers for all the kids were bought too. I loved getting a text confirmation of my order straight away. I really liked the messages updating me on the actual delivery times too.

Would I recommend PoundToy?

Without a doubt yes, they have my recommendation. One of the additional items I bought was a bulk load of (200 in fact) Paw Patrol stickers. I’m using these as part of a reward chart for James. It was only £1 for 200 which should keep me going for the majority of the year!

PoundToy budget party bag filler ideas

Disclosure – this post was written in collaboration with PoundToy.com However the review and opinion are my own.