christmas tag titleThe beautiful Fee over at tagged me in the #Christmastag challenge so here we go. Challenge accepted. Let’s talk Christmas folks!

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? My ultimate favourite is The Holiday but for entirely selfish reasons – I want to watch it alone, with wine and chocolate and curl up and be allowed to fall asleep on the sofa with this one but times have changed haha! This year we have introduced ThriftyBaby to so many new Christmas movies and I’ve adored watching his reactions. We had a really special day out to see the Snowman with a live orchestra playing that was lovely but equally the three of us sat through Nativity and he loved that as well. I think ThriftyBaby is destined to be a movie buff.

Have you ever had a white Christmas? I don’t recall any white Christmasses but I’ve certainly had many wonderful times in deep snow. I have lovely memories of sledging on Beverley Westwood and then more recently snow-mobiling through Iceland with NotSoThriftyDad (the weekend he popped the question!)

Where do you usually spend your holiday? Always with family and normally get invited out to either my parents or the in laws but as we’ve recently renovated our kitchen and dining room it seemed only right to spend it at home so my family will be joining us on the big day this year.

What is your favourite Christmas song? I love most Christmas tunes and tend to utilise those random playlists you find on Spotify to mix it up a little but in my car I love the Puppini Sisters. They have a gorgeous vintage sound which I find so soothing.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? This year we’re starting our family tradition of a Christmas Eve box so although the items in it aren’t wrapped, I’m looking forward to use all crowding round it on Christmas Eve to see what new PJs and snacks etc we’ll be enjoying.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Not without singing them!

Which holiday traditions are you looking forward to this year? As our family stills feels quite box fresh we’ve had lots of discussions about what traditions we want to introduce and try to keep running. The Christmas Eve box is one I’m looking forward to doing but delivering the Reverse Advent box to the homeless shelter is something I’m really excited about. We’ll probably go for a long walk on Boxing Day morning to “clear the cob webs”, which in my opinion is such a stupid saying! As if any parent gets to sit long enough on the run up to Christmas for there to be time for cobwebs to form! However quiet, clean, fresh air and a bit of exercise to help with the old digestive system will be appreciated.

Is your Christmas tree real or fake? Real. I love the smell and the process of going to pick on. I did have a nice fake one which we thought we would need to use now that ThriftyBaby is walking(!) but he’s been very good and is easily distracted when we call him away from the low hanging baubles. The tree will get composted in the new year of course.

What is your all time favourite holiday treat/food/sweet?  I really love the ginger spice biscuits from Aldi/Lidl. They’re not expensive at all but they’re really good dunkers. Those and pigs in blankets. Can never have enough of those!

Be honest, do you like giving or receiving gifts better? Definitely giving! I find receiving gifts awkward and embarrassing at the best of times but especially now as I am constantly trying to declutter our house, I’m finding the whole process is making me more anxious. I’ve got everything I need!

What is the best Christmas present you ever received? Last year NotSoThriftyDad bought be a beautiful vintage style Victoria Pendleton bike and I’m in love with it so much! Just need nice dry weather and no baby bump in the way so I can ride it more frequently.

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season? Iceland. I have always wanted to get the whole family out there and doing full on Winter Wonderland experience with Northern Light’s, massive amounts of snow and the real Father Christmas. Although you know what, I actually most enjoy being home on actual Christmas so maybe Iceland the week before to see how Father Christmas is getting on in his workshop.

Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably? I love a beautifully wrapped gift, however my thrifty side this year has meant that everything is mismatched as I wanted to use up a number of rolls of wrapping paper we had leftover from last year. Next year I have decided to buy more experiences for people rather than “stuff” so hopefully that will cut down on the wrapping required too.

Most memorable Christmas moment? I don’t really have one Christmas that sticks out in my memory but mum mum did remind me today of the Christmas when my brother was given a bathroom plunger as a gift. Apparently he was going through his Spider Man phase and they didn’t have a lot of money…He promptly placed it onto the fireplace hearth and plunged down. On pulling up he also lifted recently laid tiles which my dad had done himself to save money.

What made you realise the truth about santa? I don’t actually remember discovering ‘the truth’ because I’m actually still sceptical. I mean, why not? Weirder things happen in the world. (Trump, Brexit…) Why not have faith that something so good could happen annually???

What makes the holidays special for you? Working together on preparing the house and food for family is the special bit for me. the anticipation of seeing ThriftyBaby’s face on Christmas morning is really making it special for me these days and next year there’ll be two boys to come down the stairs with eyes wide with wonder. I can’t wait!

Wishing you all a very lovely Christmas if you celebrate it and a nice Sunday if you don’t 😉

Hollie x