christmas wreath titleThere really is nothing more festive in December than being welcomed into a candle lit home with a luscious green wreath hanging on the door.

There are many different types of wreath but whether its fresh or fake nothing tells your friends and neighbours you’re embracing the season better than hanging a wreath proudly on your front door. In fact I love looking out for them as I’m driving about and they never fail to make me smile.

I love the magical history of the Christmas wreath too. Evergreen plants have always been thought of as having magical properties, representing eternal life and hope for the coming spring and a wreath’s circular shape represented this cycle of nature. Holly represented the masculine and Ivy the feminine and being brought into the home together was thought to create harmony and balance. Exactly what you need during what can be a busy period on the run up to Christmas!

I have seen some beautiful wreaths for sale this year, I particularly like this one from Cox & Cox. The rose gold is right on trend this winter and I’m a fan of lots of foliage.

cox and cox wreath

However this year, as I’m trying to take more time with my Christmas preparations and be more mindful rather than feel like its just another job I need to wedge into my schedule, so I decided to enrol on a Christmas wreath making course held by my local adult education college.

On searching for a course, I found actually there are tons of different classes being run in my village and lots of them are free too!

east riding class prospectus

Today the class was run by a lovely lady called Alison who owns a local floristry business. We were provided with all the materials we needed including all the fresh foliage too.

We started off with a wire ring and a bobbin of 56 gauge binding wire and set about wrapping the wire in and out of the wire frame. We then gradually added  a ring of Sphagnum moss and continued to wrap the wire around it tightly. The moss smelt so earthy – it was divine and actually I would have been happy to leave it as this…nice and rustic!

moss ring

We then built up the body of the wreath by over laying an assortment of foliage. I included:

  • Holly
  • Conifer
  • Blue Spruce
  • Ivy

*but you could include herbs too like Lavender, Bay Leaves and Rosemary and this would smell incredible!

Occasionally I added little twigs which had been sprayed red with a bit of a sparkle to them but not too much – I didn’t want it to look tacky…

Finally I wrapped 90 gauge green wire around the base of five pine cones and poked the wire through the moss, ensuring they were in tightly and secure. Only then was it complete for me. Our tutor did also demonstrate the use of a spray glue and glitter to give accent to the pinecones but I wanted mine to look as natural as possible. There’ll be plenty of times I have to use glue and glitter when making things with ThriftyBaby in the future!

Have you come across Command Strips yet? These are one of my favourite recent inventions! They come in all different sizes and styles of hook which you can use indoors and outdoors and don’t leave a permanent mark. I used a large clear one priced at £2.90 and it will attach to any door and because its clear it means you can leave it on all through the year and it will go unnoticed.

And there we have my final creation made by my fair hands. Now can you imagine receiving a homemade wreath by someone! What a lovely present it would make!

finished christmas wreath

At the end of the class I gathered up lots of off-cuts and stashed them in a bag to bring home and play about with but I actually made a fabulous Christmassy display in my new concrete vase I bought last month when we went to Bruges for NotSoThriftyDad’s birthday.

christmas wreath offcuts in vase

If an adult education class isn’t for you, these wreaths are really quite simple enough to make at home and you can get everything you need to make the construction from places like Hobbycraft who have lots of other homemade christmas kits that can get you started on making something fabulous for your home or for thoughtful gifts.

I’d love to see what you’re making yourselves this Christmas. Head over to my facebook page and share your images of your handmade creations.

Hollie x