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Anyone who knows me, knows that I love entering competitions and I do as many as I can as long as it’s something that I actually want to win. This was something I learnt from the top tips given by the fabulous Super Lucky Di and it’s something that’s always stuck with me. I have won holidays, days out, lots of gift type things which I’ve either kept for myself or passed on for birthday presents but recently I won a gift card worth £200 for Sunglass Hut (I also won another one for a friend in the process).sun glass hut voucher

I simply didn’t realise there isn’t Sunglass Hut store nearby though and once I’d had time to think about it properly, I decided I didn’t really NEED a two hundred pound pair of sunglasses for me to be worrying about scratching or losing down the back of the car seat. That’s when I came across ZEEK!zeek logo

ZEEK is an online marketplace, with a very easy to use mobile app, totally dedicated to buying and selling gift cards and vouchers. The great thing is that its completely secure because you only deal with ZEEK themselves, you never have to communicate or send a physical gift card to the buyer. They even provide you with a link to confirm the balance remaining on the gift card before it gets listed.

There’s a minimum amount of discount that ZEEK are going to apply for whoever buys the gift card and then there is a proportionate percentage taken as an admin fee but whole process was extremely simple and I came out of it within two days when it sold with £167 CASH! All for a gift card that actually I didn’t really need. Happy days!

You can choose how you want to be paid by ZEEK (via BACS or PayPal etc) and the money went straight into my bank. They say give about 14 days for payment though so not something if you need the money right this second.

Seen as it was so simple to use I started looking at the gift cards available to buy and there is pretty much every large retailer listed and then they list each gift card available for sale by value and discount and trust me there are huge discounts to be made!

zeek cards

As Christmas is coming and I’m someone who likes to spread the cost across a number of pay days, I wanted to get stocked up on some small toy type gifts for the children in our family that we buy for and came across a gift card for The Entertainer with 10% off. The very best thing about getting the gift card details first was that I was then able to go via TopCashBack and get an additional £1.61 back on my purchases too. That might sound like a small amount but as you can see from my TCB account, those few pounds really do add up if you get into a routine of checking on TopCashBack for the retailer before you make any online purchase. I’m hoping to make it to £1000 by the end of the year!

TCB earning dashboard

These gift cards are a great way to save money buying presents for your friends and family or you could gift them the actual gift card itself and let them choose what they want.

I ended up with a huge haul of beautiful wooden toys from The Entertainer via ZEEK and was content I’d done it in the most money savvy way too.

To get you started with ZEEK  if you use my link you will be given a FREE £5 towards your first gift card purchase – saving you even more money!!

Let me know what you spend your FREE gift card on!

Hollie x


*Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links.