christmas savings calendarWe’re already half way through the year! That means you might be already thinking about how you’re going to afford this year’s Christmas. It doesn’t need to be stressful. Every penny adds up. If you start now then you’ll make things easier on yourself. That’s why I have created a Christmas Savings Calendar. We can begin together on 1st July 2017 and try to save or earn a little extra on as many days as possible.

I’ve been challenged to make an extra £1000 in July alone by Emma Drew and Nat Moore.

This works out about £33 per day. You can earn/save more or less, it is entirely up to you. I will share how I’ve made my extra money in a Facebook group I run with Nicola from TheFrugalCottage.Com. The group is called Thrifty & Frugal Christmas and can be accessed here.

Click Here to Download Your Free Monthly Christmas Savings Challenge Calendar – July 2017monthly christmas calendar