If you want to be really thoughtful this Christmas, buy gifts to save your friends and family money all year round.

Here’s my list to get you thinking…

1.Money box

I love a traditional money box as a great way for people to start saving but I prefer ones you can see into. Being able to see your money growing really encourages further spending. That’s why I love these clear jars from Sass and Belle. Or you could make your own to save yourself money too! These would make a lovely gift for anyone, any age.

gifts that save money

2.Cash envelopes

Another way to get someone saving up is to gift them some pretty cash envelopes to help them budget. They can just label up each one on a category such as petrol, toiletries, nights out and the ideas is they stick to how much they have put aside for those items.

gifts that save money

3.Period pants

The cost of sanitary wear really adds up over the months so gifting someone period pants could save them a packet! I’m a big fan of Wuka pants. (previously gifted) They’re really comfortable and secure without being bulky. Might be a bit of a weird gift…suggest you limit this to people you know really well!!

gifts that save money


You can’t beat a flask full of hot chocolate on a winter’s walk but imagine saving someone £3 each time they take it out because that’s the reality! I have a classic Stanley hot drinks flask as I have leakage related trust issues! But you could gift a smaller version or even a cheeky hip flask!

5.Reusable ice

Now I know that ice is not expensive but I personally now have the worlds smallest freezer compartment since moving house so actually I would find these extremely useful. Reuable ice cubes take up so much less room as you can just shove them in a little gap rather than having to find space of a tray of water to sit without anything risking falling on top of it! When you buy ice from the supermarket its always in massive bags! So whether you opt of plastic, steel or even granite, these are an (ice) cool solution for someone special!

6.Electric blanket

Particularly ideal for the older generation, but growing in popularity with everyone else. An electric blanket can mean someone can lower their thermostat by a few degrees so instead of unnecessarily heating up an entire house (and the costs that comes with), the person you gift this to can cosy themselves up on the sofa knowing they’re saving loads of money.

electric blanket gifts that save money

7.Make up pads

Even just not having to think about adding cotton wool pads to the grocery shopping must save an extra one or two pounds a week. Maybe slightly less now I’m not really going anywhere to warrant wearing make up! But these reuseable make up padsare great for the planet as well as the recipient’s pocket! Opt for ones made of bamboo for their natural anti bacterial properties.

gifts that save money bamboo make up pads


Might sounds like something else which isn’t exactly breaking the bank alone but without my reuseable straws I’d be spending a small fortune! My kids are still a bit too clumsy to go it alone on cups to straws really help us out. I use steel ones like these and they get used every day!

9.Shopping bags

Another thing which you might to think to gift but after seeing my friend panic at the checkout in Aldi and just dump everything in her trolley to then sort out when she got back to the car, I thought these would be the perfect gift for her! I’ve had this set for two years now and love them so much. They always get people looking with admiration! These trolley bags are colour coded so I always put the heaviest items like tin cans in the blue one, meat in the red one, veg in the green and all my store cupboard stuff in the large orange one. I pop the items in the bags as I go around the store so I know when they’re full. It also means I can put things onto the checkout in order of how I want to pack! Give someone the saving of buying plastic bags but also the relaxation of organisation!

gifts that save money trolley bags

10.Coffee pods

If you have a friend that enjoys a decent coffee then buying them reuseable coffee pods could save them some serious cash.


I have a friend who is currently trying to really tighten his belt on utility bills and is sitting in the darkness on an even apart from one candle. It’s a bit extreme but sometimes needs must. Not only will it help him save money on electricity but its just a little bit more atmospheric to have a couple of candles on rather than one out of necessity so he doesn’t trip over!

gifts that save money candle

12.Kitchen roll

Did you know that reuseable kitchen roll is even a thing? Maybe your friends and family don’t yet either but this Christmas you could cut down on their grocery shopping costs by getting them a set of plain or patterned kitchen roll.

13.Beeswax food wraps

Forget having drawers full of foil and clingflim, help someone make the switch to beeswax food wraps for their lunchtime sarnies and save them a few pennies. There’s so many different designs to pick from so would make an attractive gift too.

gifts that save money

14.Slow cooker

I use my slow cooker so much but did you know it uses so much lesspower than a regular oven so saving hundreds! I got mine in a sale for only £15 but if I was to buy a new one I’d go for this chic black and rose gold slow cooker!

gifts that save money slow cooker

15.Hive thermostat

I’ve just bought a Hive thermostat for my new house with the aim to only heat it when I actually need to and you can choose to set up lots of different zones too so you only need to heat up part of the house that you’re using. This is ideal for me when the kids are staying at their dad’s. I can just heat where I’ll be using and save on energy and money at those times! A little pricier than some of the other items on this list but a smart home is at the top of many adults’ Christmas wish list – this could be the perfect way to get their homes smarter, more energy efficient and cheaper to run!

gifts that save money hive


Not sure you can get any more retro than a sodastream but having one of these could save them oodles of money on buying fizzy drinks for the family! Save yourself some cash too by buying an alternative make to Soda Stream such as the Levivo water carbonator set.

17. Cheaper days out

Family days out are super expensive and it can be tempting to buy family friends tickets for a day out. However, by buying them a Kids Pass, you can help them save on all of their trips to zoos, cinemas and even family holidays! You can buy a year membersip for £34.99 or could even just get them the 30 day trial which only costs £1. Total bargain gift but huge saving for someone else too.

gifts that save money kids pass

18.Rechargable batteries

Sounds like a mad idea for a Christmas gift but how many packs of batteries do you go through a year!? Buying someone a battery charger and rechargeable battery set would save someone so much! Perhaps you’re getting their kids a battery powered gift? This would really help them out!

19.Meal planning board and chalk pen

Meal planning is the first step to saving money on groceries and you can get some lovely meal planners and chalk or chalk pens which look equally great on display. I picked this one up from B&M for only £1.99.

gifts that save money menu board

20. Giftcards

Gift cards are brilliant for families that are looking to save money. They really help budget, especially for treats! Sometimes you can feel too guilty to spend on yourself but if you have a giftcard specifically for you then its nice to (literally) have in your back pocket for those rainy days when you need a little pick-me-up. Love2Shop is ideal as there are so many places for your recipient to spend it – even days out!

21.Solar fairy lights

If you want to make someone’s Christmas super sparkly without it costing them any extra to own, then solar powered fairy lights are the answer.

22.Solar phone charger

Perfect for camping or convenient for long days out but also saves the owner loads of money from having to have their phones plugged in all night or throughout the day. Using solar power is the perfect thrifty electricity cost saver.

gifts that save money solar power phone charger

23.Camping gear

After a year of no foreign holidays and even limited opportunities to go elsewhere in a little B&B, having our camping trips as an option was a lovely highlight of our summer. I’d, fortunately, picked up a cheap tent from the middle aisle in Aldi the previous year at the end of the season. However, camping gear can really add up! Gifting someone a tent and enabling them to have a little family holiday would be such an amazing gift!

24.Veggie seeds

Next year I’m determined to grow more of my own food to save money and know how much I’d appreciate any seeds or gardening gear to make it happen. You could gift these (and they’re so cheap!) and help another family have lots of free meals next summer!

gifts that save money seeds

25.Fruit tree

I really love gifting fruit trees as they will keep on giving each year (depending on what fruit you’ve chosen them). These are great to buy for little ones too as they’ll grow with the children.

gifts that save money fruit trees

26.Water bottle

Have you ever noticed that Evian spelt backwards is “naive”… Coincidence? Anyway, buying your friend a nice reusable drinking bottle will encourage them to fill it up and take it out everywhere they go. At a few pounds per plastic bottle of water in a shop, imagine how much money this would save them! I’ve tried lots of different types as I’ve had lots of them fail on me so suggest an investment in the iconic Chilly bottle is worth the cash.

gifts that save money

27.Wind up torch

Batteries can be a real killer, especially if you have a child like I do who loves running around with a torch playing poliemen! Gift a wind up torch and not only will it save your friend or family member money on batteries, but will always work in an emergency…or just keep their kid quiet for a while when they’re winding it up for the millionth time!

28.Dryer balls

Laundry balls help to dry your clothes quicker in the tumble dryer and therefore save lots of money on dryer electricity running costs. They also reduce wrinkles too so even more savings on iron useage. And who wouldn’t want to receive the added gift of time due to not having to iron as much!

29.Laundry nuts

Most people won’t have heard of soap nuts yet but they are set to save someone lots of money. They completely replace laundry detergent and fabric conditioner and can last 70+ washes. You could even buy your friend some refills to get them free fresh laundry for an entire year!

gifts that save money


Herbs are a great gift to give anyone who enjoys cooking as you can replant them and they will continue to grow thus saving the new owners lots of money on buying new at the supermarket.

31.Exercise equipment

Unbelievably I was paying £80 a month last year on gym membership. I realised during lockdown that I could buy all the equipment I needed secondhand off facebook for the equivalent of one month’s fee. Ok, so I don’t have a home swimming pool obviously but the extra cash this has freed up has been a blessing! Maybe a set of dumbells or kettle bells would be a great way to help your friend kick start their healthy new year?

gifts that save money

32.Library of stuff membership

It’s not just stuff that costs us, but it’s the cost for us to have the room to store it. Having just bought a house that doesn’t have a garage, minimising the number of things I own has been necessary. That’s why places like The Library of Stuff is so useful. Imagine a library of all the Aldi middle aisle special buys but you only have to pay a small subscription and book the things out for as long as you need it WHEN you need it rather than feeling like you have to own everything. It’s a great scheme to back and encourage others to use. However it does come at a small subscription cost, so this would make a great gift for your thrifty friend.


33.Sewing machine

Gifting someone the ability to repair their own clothes and soft furnishings could save them hundreds! Whether you pick up a beautiful vintage Singer machine or a fresh new Brother model, repairing is a money-saving hobby that needs to return to fashion this year.

34.Thermal underwear

Not the sexiest gift but an extra layer could mean the gift receiver can keep the heating down slightly more.

35.Led/smart lightbulbs

The cost-saving provided by LED lighting is due to two factors: LEDs require much less electricity to power than both traditional incandescent and halogen light bulbs, and energy-efficient light bulbs (CFLs). They last much longer than their incandescent, halogen and CFL equivalents. However, having Smart lightbulbs and the ability to adjust your lights remotely means you’ll quickly find they’re switched on a lot less. With smart lights you can quickly turn them off from your phone. Over time, little actions like this will turn into big savings on your electricity bill.

36.Home gel nail kit

This year, doing my nails at home has been the only option seen as salons have been closed for so long. When I think how much I spent on gel nails though, at around £30 a set every three weeks/a month I must have now saved myself so money! However, it’s possible to recreate highend nails from home with a simple kit from Amazon. All you need is a starter kit and LED lamp.

37.Bread maker

Bread is one of the most frequently bought items at the supermarket but also is likely to be the reason you pop to the shops midweek and end up buying even more stuff to justify the trip! The smell of bread is also great for wellbeing so gifting a bread maker is bound to make someone feel good!

38.Popcorn maker

Going to the cinema is so expensive these days (that’s if they’re even open!) but it’s the cost of popcorn and drinks which really rinse you. Being able to make your own before you go (or simply having a movie night at home to save even more money) is such a great option. Giving the gift of an affordable family afternoon can help someone make more memories this Christmas.

39.Ice cream maker

There’s nothing more daunting than the sounds of an ice cream van playing its tune when you know you haven’t got any spare cash that week for treats. Homemade ice cream will likely taste better than a Mr Whippy anyway and save the recipient a few pound per person, per ’99 too!
gifts that save money

40.Cookie cutters

Making your own biscuits is such a lovely activity, especially with kids. Perhaps the person you buy them for will make extra to regift (saving them money) or sell them on to make a few extra pounds for themselves or charity?gifts to save money
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