After the extremely stressful and uncertain year many families have had regarding Covid-19, why not make this Christmas the best one yet? It is the most magical time of the year for most kids, but also for all the parents. Don’t let the pandemic ruin your festive fun with the family – I have a few tips and tricks on how to create the most magical and memorable family Christmas.

Start a Tradition

Starting a tradition for you and your kids is such a great way to build memories together that you can either keep going or reflect on when they grow older. This year it is a possibility that things like going out and visiting Santa’s grotto may not be possible, so it is important to have some traditions that don’t involve leaving the house just in case government guidelines change.

One tradition that is gaining in popularity nowadays is Elf on the Shelf. Elf on the Shelf can be different in every household, but the main premise is that the toy elf will sit on any surface in the house and watch over the kids. The elf is just a normal toy elf, but to the kids it is a real elf sent from the North Pole that will report back to Santa whether they have been naughty or nice. Every night when the kids go to sleep, parents are supposed to move the elf to different places in the room, or make it look as though they have been up to mischief. There are plenty of elf-on-the-shelf ideas online if you get stuck and I’ll be sharing lots of ideas over on instagram too.

Advent Calendar

Is there really anything more magical for a child than eating chocolate before breakfast? Advent calendars are such a great way to make kids so excited for the lead up to Christmas Day. Instead of buying the kids a generic advent calendar from your local supermarket, why not make it more magical by buying them a personalised chocolate advent calendar?

Morse Toad have a great advent calendar that puts a twist on a normal chocolate advent calendar. You can choose a message which will then be spelled out with chocolate letters in each window. There is a space to write down the letters they get so they can work out the message by Christmas Day. This is such a brilliant way to help build up the anticipation. Morse Toad allows you to personalise a wide range of chocolate themed gifts, so you can even create your own stocking fillers with your children’s names on.

Secret Santa

Getting the kids involved in a Secret Santa will be so much fun for them. You could do it with their friendship group at school, or perhaps their cousins and other close family members. The idea is, they all put their names into a hat and pick at random (if you want to social distance you could get one person who isn’t involved to randomly pick out all of the names and individually tell each person). You can then decide a spending limit if you and your group so wish. You and your child will then look for a present for the person who you picked out of the hat.

You will then decide a day with the group when you all give your presents to one another. Put them all down on a table secretly so no one can see who bought what present. It is so fun for kids to take part in the secret Santa, and the excitement of finding a gift for another person will also teach them lessons of how to be selfless and kind. There is also the excitement of trying to figure out who got who each present at the end. You could either leave it as a mysterious ending where you don’t tell each other, or you could all confess at the end after trying to guess.

Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

Of course, with the cold weather you might not want to leave the house much, so it can be a great idea to have some Christmas films lined up for a movie marathon. Get your children some new Christmas themed pyjamas, bake some fresh cookies with them and snuggle down with a nice cup of hot chocolate. There will be plenty of classics on Netflix and Amazon, but you could dust off your DVD player and see what you have in your collection. You could even go one step further and read the book first, and then compare it with the film, which always makes for a good discussion.

There are so many things you could do for your kids that will make their Christmas festive and so much fun, but the most magical and memorable part of Christmas is everyone being together.