foraged festive wreath

In previous years I’ve really loved going to classes to make a Christmas wreath. Such a lovely festive atmosphere, with mulled wine and a bit of Michael Buble playing in the background. It is always a nice break away from parenting on the run-up to the big day when you can just be creative with spikey stuff and make a mess without the worry of a little one trying to taste any poisonous berries!

However 2020 hasn’t allowed for these sorts of community events so instead, I’ve decided to make my own at home. Having just moved house where the garden is filled with red berry bushes, it lends itself perfectly to create a fully foraged festive wreath – so saving me money too!

Where to forgage

You can find flora to forage literally everywhere! I took my wicker basket and some secateurs along the school run this afternoon and found all sorts which would look great in my festive foraged wreath. Along the way home, we spotted some holly bushes, moss, and lots of other lush greenery to build the body of the wreath.

foraged festive wreath wicker basket

On the way home, we also found a couple of pheasant feathers by hedgerow next to the field near our house so tucked them into my basket too!

foraged festive wreath feathers and dried orange

My garden has both original Firethorn and Orange Firethorn bushes which add a perfect splash of colour.

foraged festive wreath red firethornforaged festive wreath orange firethorn

Then I sliced up an orange, blotted out the juice with kitchen roll and popped these on a wire rack in the oven on a low heat for 3 hours. They then need to dry overnight. But basically, you can add all sorts to your wreath depending on the look or colours you’re after. If you do these oranges though, they come with the guarantee of making your house smell absolutely amazing!

Dried oranges foraged festive wreath

Tools you’ll need:

Step one

Bind your moss around your ring to create your wreath shape. This adds moisture to the wreath making it last longer as well as creating a foundation that you can poke all your other foraged finds into as well.

festive foraged wreath moss

Step two

I like to lay my greenery on top of the circle to decide on my placement and then go in and out with the wire again to secure it

foraged festive wreath foliage

Step three

Add in the berries and/or fruit for colour.

foraged festive wreath dried orange

Step four

Poke in your feathers, pinecones or anything else you want to add! You could tie in some ribbon bows or shiny bells, whatever suits your taste. And there you have your completed wreath!

foraged festive wreath

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