If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that anything can happen! But by having an emergency fund, some Christmas savings, and more than one income stream are what’s kept me afloat and given me the peace of mind I’ve needed during the pandemic. I know that many of you are worried about how you’re going to afford Christmas. Especially amongst the threat of being furloughed or redundant. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce my ambassadorship for Park Christmas Savings.

Here’s the fabulous introduction to this perfect partnership for ThriftyMum and Park Christmas Savings.

So why Park Christmas Savings?

Park’s mission is to help parents put on the most amazing Christmas for themselves and their families. And this year, they are helping mums bring the Sparkle to their Christmas, so they and their loved ones have the fantastic Christmas they deserve.

When I heard this was their mission, I knew that we fit together perfectly. Not only am I the biggest fan of Christmas but the mission at ThriftyMum is for all parents to live a luxury lifestyle on a family budget. I fully believe that even though you now have kids, you shouldn’t have to give up the fun and treats you had before.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and even more so when you get to see it through the eyes of a child. They see the magic first and I want all of us to see it too. We should not be missing out! Worrying about money is the last thing we need at Christmastime.

ThriftyMum and Park Christmas Savings

So what’s my role?

I am dedicating myself to helping you to save money on the run-up to Christmas. In these final few months before the big day, I will show you some fabulous ways that you can have festive fun with your family for free or on a budget. All these posts can be found here.

I will also be showing how ways to save money on the boring stuff so you can splurge on the fun stuff. This is how I live my own life. So make sure you follow me on Facebook  and Park Christmas Savings for lots of ideas.

ThriftyMum and Park Christmas Savings

About Park Christmas Savings

Park was founded by Peter Johnson in 1967. This was when his family butchers began inviting people to pay small weekly installments for food hampers that would be delivered to them on a bicycle, just before Christmas.

The idea of paying for Christmas in advance appealed to many families who would have otherwise struggled to afford their luxuries.

Paying for Christmas in small amounts throughout the year instead of one big lump sum at the end was as popular five decades ago as it is today.

Back then you could only order a small selection of meat and groceries. This was a world away from the huge range of big brand gift cards and vouchers available for Christmas 2021. Now, you can get everything you need for Christmas from Park. You can pay for it by putting a little aside every week or month.

With so many loyal customers returning every year, you can see how much Park has grown. And they’re delighted to be able to help so many people plan for Christmas each year.

New to Park? Find out how it works

Why you should save for Christmas with Park

Park is dedicated to making planning for Christmas really easy. They help you manage your Christmas fund. They help you put a little aside each week or month so it’s squirreled away safely. This means you don’t need to think about it. Plus you won’t risk dipping into it to spend on anything else!

I’ll be sharing more about this handy budgeting tool in the weeks to come. The ThriftyMum and Park Christmas Savings partnership will be the opportunity to reach even more families. So catch me in my Thrifty and Frugal Christmas facebook group for seasonal chat, Christmas crafts, and festive food sharing, and money-saving tips.

ThriftyMum and Park Christmas Savings