cleaning products buy in bulk sprayThis is quite likely one of the weirdest times we will ever experience. There are people preaching about not panic-buying and others are anxious about how they will cope if struck with Coronavirus and can’t get to the shops for weeks.

Now that the supermarkets are genuinely running out and rationing remaining stock, the preppers can sit back smug. The key to this balance is, that if you can afford to buy in bulk, buy it online.

Not only does the postal delivery mean you don’t have to mix with other people’s germs, (worth the extra cost in my opinion!) but you can buy in much bigger quantities than you can get hold of in the shops. This normally makes it cheaper too.

When I think of some elderly people I know who don’t have the funds or facilities to buy in bulk online, it really is our responsibility to do so, so they can purchase their essentials at local shops on a frequent basis without being impacted by the empty shelves we are now seeing.

So to help you get started, here’s an insight into what cleaning products I’ve bought this week in bulk online from Groupon.

Persil mega bottle of 105 washes for £12.98 plus £1.99 postage.

cleaning products buy in bulk persil bottle

Comfort Intense five pack 300 wash fabric conditioner for £17.50 plus £1.99 postage

cleaning products buy in bulk fabric softener bottles

110 Finish Powerball Dishwasher tablets for £10.99 plus £1.99 postage.
cleaning products buy in bulk dishwasher tablets

135 Freedom aloe vera toilet rolls for £33.49 plus £1.99 postage. Not really a cleaning product as such but everyone poops!

cleaning products buy in bulk loo roll stack

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