It is very easy to overly clutter your home and pack it with items that you might initially be reluctant to part with. Before we know it, we are out of room, and in desperate need of a declutter! If you think you might be at this stage, here are some tips you might want to consider for your decluttering efforts.

Decluttering Does Not Mean Throwing Out

Many people think that a declutter means that you have to get rid of everything. While there will be many things that you decide to part with, there will be some things that you do want to keep. You might just want them to not be in your home any longer.

Using a self-storage service like Stored Away means that you will be able to hold onto the items that you aren’t ready to say goodbye to without them taking up valuable space in your property. This can be a great option if you want to cycle your wardrobe throughout the year. Store your bulky winter items in self-storage in the warmer months, and then swap them out with your summer clothes as the days turn colder.

Be Ruthless

If you do decide to just get rid of items rather than keep some of them in storage, you need to make sure that you are ruthless in your decluttering efforts. It can be really tempting to come up with some excuse as to why you should hold onto an item.

More often than not, it might be because we will potentially use it one day in the future. It might be equipment for a hobby you have always wanted to try, or maybe an outfit that you want to wear again. You need to be ruthless and very honest with yourself. What are the chances of you actually using it? If they are slim, it is time to get rid of them.

No Need to Go Minimalist

Some think that if you want to declutter then you have to go minimalist. The aim is to purge all the items that you do not need, and leave you with just the basics that you want to hold onto. While you can aim to declutter like this, there is absolutely no need to if you don’t want to!

If you only want to get rid of a few things, this absolutely fine! The aim of decluttering is to make space in your home, and it is up to you to decide the extent to which you do this! Some people like to strip back as much as they can, others just want a little more breathing room!

We often feel fantastic after we have decluttered a little. Take the time to clear your home out a little, and get rid of some of the items that are taking up too much space around you.

Enjoy the process

A way I enjoy decluttering is to feel part of a community so we can all cheer each other along. One thing I enjoy doing a few times a year is to take part in #minsgame which is a process where on day one you get rid of one thing, on day two, you guessed it, you get rid of two things and so on. Even if you only get to day five, its leaving you in a better place than day one!