The main disadvantage of carpet is that it absorbs dirt very easily. As a result, its appearance deteriorates and odors appear that cause discomfort and inconvenience. The question of how to remove the smell from the carpet is relevant not only for pet owners. Even a new carpet can have an unpleasant odor if it is stored under inappropriate conditions. Bad smells may appear after chemical treatment of the carpet with low-quality reagents. Do not delay carpet cleaning and hope that the smell disappears. If you don’t take this problem seriously, the dirt will only penetrate deeper into the fibers and it will be more difficult to cope with the problem.

Causes of Bad Smells

Before you look for a way to eliminate the smell from the carpet, you need to determine its source. There are five common causes of its occurrence:

  • Chemical reagents. Carpet sellers use chemicals that protect the material from damage by insects and microorganisms. They become the source of repulsive odors faced by new product owners.
  • Features of the material. Wool carpet perfectly absorbs and stores odors. It absorbs them from spilled liquids and air, and then holds the “aroma” for months. Ventilating the carpet in such cases is useless.
  • The smell of dampness is not caused by water, but by the accumulation of mold in the fibers of the carpet. A simple brushing is not enough to solve the problem. Professional carpet cleaning services must be used in such situation.
  • Tobacco smoke is absorbed by carpets and upholstered furniture, and with prolonged exposure to its smell, even the coating and the main material of the walls are filled with smell. If you do not quickly solve the problem, in addition to deep carpet cleaning, you will need to repair the room.
  • Pets often stain carpeting with the products of their life. They are perfectly absorbed and cause a sharp ammonia odor. The peculiarity of “surprises” is that getting rid of their consequences is extremely difficult. The smell is felt very strongly and to eliminate it, it is not enough to vacuum the carpets. It will take a lot of time and effort to restore pristine freshness. For that reason you’d better look for carpet cleaning specialists.

How to Eliminate the Smell from the Carpet

There are many methods to eliminate odors from carpeting. The most effective solutions include:

soda cleaning;

hydrogen peroxide treatment;

washing and drying in the fresh air;

treatment with a solution of vinegar and potassium permanganate;

cleaning with chemicals;

ultraviolet treatment;

hot water extraction carpet cleaning.

The latter method is the most effective and recommended by carpet manufacturers. Carpet steam cleaning is an excellent technique for cleaning the carpet, especially if you have small children and pets.


Baking soda is the first thing you can use for carpet cleaning and coping with any unpleasant odor. It must be diluted with water to the state of “slurry” and put on a contaminated area. After 15 minutes, the soda must be collected with a vacuum cleaner, and then wipe its traces with a napkin. To clean the strongly “fragrant” spot of the carpet, add lavender or rosemary oil to it. They will enhance the efficiency of soda processing.

Hydrogen peroxide

The problem area of ​​a natural carpet is easily cleaned with peroxide. It must be poured onto the stain and wait for drying. It is dangerous to process artificial and jute products in this way – the dye can fade. In order not to take risks, you can check the reaction of the material by treating a small area on the back.

A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing detergent helps. Components mixed in equal proportions and diluted with water effectively wash the dirt from the carpet and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Potassium permanganate and vinegar

The carpet in the room is washed with a weak solution of vinegar with potassium permanganate. It needs to be poured into the spray gun and the carpet is treated. When the liquid dries, the carpet needs to be vacuumed.

Carpet cleaning products sold in household cleaning departments must be used in accordance with the attached instructions.

An old carpet odor can only be removed with professional cleaning products and equipment. To do this, it is necessary to use carpet cleaning services. Specialists will come to your home and restore the original look and smell of the carpet. The procedure is quite affordable and guarantees excellent results!