Now lockdown is slowly beginning to lift you’re probably planning some exciting days out with your family. Unfortunately, the more we go out and about, the more it eats up our funds. Although the good news is that by making some savings around the home, you can ensure you have plenty of money for picnics, ice creams, and even fish and chips at the seaside this summer! Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Ditch bottled water

While it can often seem convenient to drink water from a disposable plastic bottle, it’s actually a criminal waste of money! After all, you will already be paying for water to come to your home. Not to mention that the price per liter of bottled water is extortionate! 

Of course, some people think that by drinking bottled water they ensure what they consume is purer than the stuff that comes out of the tap. However, simple tools such as a filter jug or a water filter fitter to your refrigerator will ensure the same result at a vastly reduced cost. Indeed, all you have to worry about is the cost of replacement parts like filters. Something relatively low considers the use you get from them and the amount of time they last.


Learn to sew 

Love it or hate it, being able to sew can save you a lot of money! In fact, by being able to sew just a few basic stitches you can mend old clothes, take in or let out items that no longer fit, and even create reusable dusters and dishcloths for the home, which will save you even more money. 

Then there is all the money you can save by buying preloved fabrics and making your own clothes, and household items like curtains. The latter being something that can be particularly expensive, especially if you have a window that is not a standard size. 

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Check out totally free videos online to learn the basics, and why not teach the kids while you are at it? After all, it’s a skill that could come in pretty handy, and help them save money as they get older too. 


Cook in bulk

One way that you can save a whole heap of money around the house is to cook the recipes you like in bulk and then freeze what you don’t eat right away. In fact, there are several ways of doing this including choosing one day each week or month to cook up batches of food for the coming period and then freezing them in portions. 

Alternatively, some people prefer to leave the cooking until just before they wish to eat, but do all the prep such as chopping the veg and marinating the meat beforehand by adding all these things to a bag and then freezing. Then all they need to do is take the bag from the freezer to defrost at the start of the day and they have a healthy meal they can cook in a few minutes when they return. 

Of course, the key aspect of whichever option you choose is that buying ingredients in bulk is much cheaper. Therefore by bulk cooking, you can create more meals for less cost!