free pet sittingIt’s that time of year when I start yearning for a warm break away but it can be hard to justify the expense, especially when I start adding the cost of dog kennels for Lola to the total! However this week I’ve come across an award winning site which might just have the answer.

Find free petsitting online by joining a housesitting and petsitting network online

It is true! You can cut your holiday costs by eliminating the costs of petcare completely!  This can be a huge benefit if you have multiple pets that need human interaction and regular maintenance.

By joining a housesitting network like you can meet suitable, checked petsitters and housesitters securely online, you create a profile like in Facebook, only your real identity and location is hidden for security.

If like many pet owners you find yourself completely shocked at the end of a holiday when you realise the full extent of the pet care costs in addition to the cost of your trip then this solution might be for you:

What is

HouseSitMatch is a housesitting and petsitting network that allows you to meet suitable checked sitters who are interested in collaborating by offering home and pet care in exchange for free accommodation. As part of the ‘sharing economy’; it works like a barter and everyone benefits. It’s a win win.

Multiple pets can cost a significant amount in pet care – housesitting is a no brainer.

Are the free petsitters and housesitters police checked?

Yes they are! HouseSitMatch is a safe alternative to paying house and petsitters. Membership of the network enables you to meet sitters with police and background checks already in place, so you can go on holiday with peace of mind knowing that an experienced person you have chosen is looking after everything at home while you are away.

Pet care at home reduces stress for the pets and the homeowners – peace of mind for all. Pictured below are some of the furry residents at one of the homes matched in France.

Are there any costs?

There is a small membership fee starting as low as £49 per year for Standard Membership. By joining this housesitting network you can secure access to checked free petsitters all year round. For the Price of a Premium membership £79, you can have support to find suitable sitters for your particular situation.  This is still significantly cheaper than paying house and petsitters every time you go away.  With multiple pets and 4-6 weeks holidays a year it can soon add up!

The homeowner provides all the necessary food and supplies for the animals, and usually a welcome meal for the housesitters. It’s customary! They pay for their own travel and supplies while they are resident.

Who are the petsitters and why will they want to housesit for free?

Most of the petsitters who join HouseSitMatch are looking to spend time in a new location and to exchange their experience for free accommodation while they discover a new location. Many of the petsitters are retired professionals wanting to travel on a fixed income. For them, your petsitting assignment is a working holiday.


At the end of the housesitting assignment both the home pet owner and the house petsitter review each other on the site. The reviews are authenticated and limited to real matches so you can trust what is being said. Housesitters have a vested interest in giving a good service, because they want to build a good reputation online in order to give them more opportunities to visit new places. Homeowners want to build a good reputation online in order to secure future housesitters for free home and pet care. Trust becomes the key currency in the arrangement.

HouseSitMatch is a managed site so there is always someone to help out. The website service also garners reviews from authenticated customers. You can find those reviews on Trustpilot.

Holiday for free

Of course, whether you have a pet or not, the site works the other way round if you’re looking for free accommodation whilst you travel. You can make as many matches as you want through HouseSitMatch so you really could plan an epic trip around your match schedule and only have to pay for your transport!

You can read more ways of how to save money once you’re away on a family holiday here.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

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