Of all of the rooms in your house, your bedroom is the one that should most honestly reflect your personality. It’s a room you should be able to unwind and relax in, and thus it’s worth investing time and energy getting it tailored to your precise requirements.

Let’s take a look at a few of the steps we might take to personalise the space.

Get the Right Wardrobe for your Room

While it might not seem the most glamarous place to start, your storage space will actually have a sizeable impact on your overall experience in the space. They’ll allow you to eliminate clutter that might have found its way elsewhere. Built-in wardrobes, and particularly over-bed wardrobes, are a great way to get the most from the space. You can use them to store bedsheets, quilts, and other bulk items that might otherwise be difficult to store.

Use Floating Shelves

For much the same reason, floating shelf units will allow you to get much more from the available space than a traditional freestanding one. If you want to get the most from awkward spaces, like under a sloped roof, or the nook to one side of a chimney breast, then custom shelving might be the only way to go.

Floating shelves need to be affixed to something sturdy – like the studs inside your internal walls, or the brickwork in your externals ones. Make sure that you do your research and that you have a little bit of carpentry experience before you proceed. This is an easy project, but it’s one where a mistake might be disastrous.

Display your Passions

If you’re going to use your bedroom as a gallery for your personal passions, then going for a few carefully-chosen paintings or posters. Go for quality over quantity – pick a few items that really inspire you, and build the rest of your décor around them. Don’t neglect framing, either: you can easily build your own picture-frame if you have access to the right pre-cut timber and a mitre saw.

Choose the right colours

Your walls should be decorated in a way that you aren’t going to get tired. Excessively bold and bright colours can quickly become fatiguing, especially in spaces where you’re looking to relax. Go instead for muted pastel shades, perhaps accented here and there by a feature wall.

Choose the right plants

As human beings, we’re naturally predisposed towards being near to plants. Greenery signifies to our subconscious that we’re in a fertile, prosperous place where we can easily access food and shelter. As such, the addition of a few houseplants might help you to feel comfortable and relaxed in the hours leading up to bedtime.