Most often open to the living room, the kitchen blends into the decor and is part of our home. But what about creating a modern kitchen? We will then appreciate its discretion, the result of a minimalist design. To turn your modern kitchen into a discreet kitchen, choose neutral shades or muted tones that recall elegance and simplicity.  You can do so by choosing kitchen furniture and appliances with clean lines and shapes. Built-in solutions are then a real asset because they save space. Finally, the modern kitchen is equipped with plenty of storage space. It is then functional and allows you to organize all your kitchen utensils for a worktop, always tidy, immaculate and free of superfluous. The modern kitchen is all about minimalism for a beautiful and elegant decoration.


The major environmental issues are at the heart of our thinking now. The result of these questions is new consumption patterns. Indeed, today we are looking for solutions to reduce our consumption. So, on a daily basis, the modern kitchen is equipped with water flow reducers and favors induction hobs that consume less energy than ceramic hobs. Also, the modern kitchen is lit using LED bulbs to considerably reduce electricity consumption. Finally, modern cuisine is sustainable and of quality to accompany us for many years. But above all, it is best to have sustainable development your priority by using wood from sustainably managed forests too. 

You can assemble your kitchen depending on your storage. You may want to look at smart ways to store your food for example. Use your imagination for storage. Maximize your space by installing a rack that you can use to hang your pots and pans. On the other hand, in this case, make sure to clean them well so that they are sparkling clean. You can also install wall shelves, and why not take the opportunity to make your beautiful dishes a decorative element! Is your kitchen white? Display your beautiful royal blue, firefighter red or canary yellow cups in plain sight to add a touch of color to this room, while freeing up space in your cupboards. 

Are you a lover of good wine, but your glasses and bottles are bulky? Get a rack for wine glasses, which you can install under the underside of your upper cabinets. Today there are small magnetic spice jars that you can put on your refrigerator door or on your wall too. The options are endless! 

A modern way for a modern kitchen

Indeed, in the modern kitchen, home automation is particularly appropriate. A smart oven can be controlled remotely. You can then preheat it during your shopping, 10 minutes before arriving home. While the connected fridge, a concentrate of technology and innovation, allows you, from the supermarket, to check that you still have fresh butter and yoghurts. Finally, on a daily basis, these connected household appliances bring a lot of comfort. Because a modern kitchen is also the pleasure of having a connected coffee maker that prepares coffee as soon as our alarm goes off!