When people redecorate, they often put it off for a while because of the associated cost of redecorating your home, when you shop at chain stores like IKEA, B&Q and Homebase you end up shelling out a lot of cash for your decoration supplies.

But what if there was a cheaper way to get all the supplies you need to have a redecorating session? Well, there is, simply by shopping online rather than at high street chain stores. As online-only businesses like made to measure blinds retailer DotcomBlinds don’t have a lot of the business overheads that stores have such as store rent and retail employee’s wages they can provide similar products at a lower cost to you and still make the same amount of profit.

So today we’ll be looking at a few tips for saving money shopping online for decoration supplies to help you get more for less when shopping online.

Google Is Your Friend

This tip is quite a simple one, when you’re browsing online for supplies and you find a product you want to purchase, simply copy the name of the product you’re looking at and paste it into Google. This will then bring up all the other online stores that sell the item. From there you can simply look through the website Google has shown and find where it is the cheapest to purchase.

Discount Websites

If you know what you’re looking for discount and coupon websites like Groupon are excellent for saving money. Not only do these sites have most public discount codes, but they also get exclusive discounts just for their users.

To access these discount sites simply find a site like Groupon and then using the search function of the website look for either what you want to buy or where you want to buy from and the website will provide you with the best relevant discount codes.

Tools To Help You Save

There are many online tools that you can use to cut down on the cost of your home decoration supplies and we’ll run through 2 of the most popular online tools.

Honey is a browser extension that you simply just install onto your web browser of choice and can save you loads of money at the checkout. Once you have Honey installed, whenever you get to a checkout of a retail website the Honey extension will pop up for you and search the internet for voucher codes and try to apply them, it will always use the voucher code that saves you the most money, so you can save big time every time you buy.

PriceDrops.co.uk is a website that tracks the price of products at hundreds of different online stores, all you need to do is sign up and simply put in what products you want to buy, PriceDrops.co.uk will then track the price of the products you track and then alert you whenever the price for the item drops, allowing you to pick up products at a cut cost, when used in tandem with honey, you can get some insane savings.