Buying my first house this last year as a single mum has been such a huge achievement for me. Seeing the sold sign and handing over my deposit was the first step to feeling more secure with my living arrangements than I have for years. I feel more passionately than ever that to pay off my mortgage and be financially free as soon as possible is my priority for my little family. I have never been more determined.

But whilst wanting to plough all extra income into paying off my mortgage early, I’ve also wanted to make my home lovely for the children so they feel comfy and settled. Buying solo but in an area that was safe and near to the boys’ school meant I had to compromise on the quality of house I was able to buy. Fortunately (albeit a sad loss for her family and friends), I was able to pick up a well-priced house due to an elderly lady passing away. This did mean though that some of the decor was a bit dated and “grannyfied” like this lighting!

I’m really excited to replace these with something modern! Replacing lighting is a really simple way to improve the feel of a room.

However, to really elevate the home and add money, I also want to take out the dining room window which faces into the garden and replace it with large bi-folding doors to allow the light to flood in and blend the outside with the inside. Of course, if money was no object adding orangeries to a house is the ultimate dream! Whether to use it as a playroom (most likely) or an adult space to get away to once the kids are asleep and in bed. Just that extra space would add so much extra square footage to the house and bump up its value too.

A loft conversion is also on the cards when there’s more of a budget, plus a dropped kerb to create a driveway in the front garden. Both of which will add more value to the house than it will cost to complete. By having a driveway I could even consider a lovely campervan for weekend adventures with the children! Without the extra room though, I’ll stick to just owning my mum mobile on the road.

dream home

The children keep asking when I’m going to dig a swimming pool out, having watched some youtube video about how quickly a team of guys can do this. Completely unrealistic but we can dream!! Of course, if I was to have a pool, then I’d definitely have a large outdoor Spanish-style kitchen with a brick pizza oven and perhaps a roof terrace too. I’ve always wanted a home with a balcony so maybe that could come out of the loft conversion and have a vista of the fields opposite!? And replacing the faded green door is an absolute must. If money was no object I’d love a fabulous composite door but instead, I’ll likely be just painting it in the short term until I get my well overdue windfall! Simply need to keep my fingers crossed and checking those monthly Premium Bond results!

Disclosure – these are not my cats but this is a sponsored post for Three Counties.