The sofa is often the focal point of a living room. However, you can design your living room without a sofa and use different seating options to make a statement. An elegant armchair or bohemian floor cushions can add a completely different vibe to your living room. Besides, sofas can be extremely expensive and aren’t always the best option for smaller rooms.

If you live in a tiny city apartment, a sofa can take up the bulk of your living space and make it feel very cramped. Get creative with your interior design and find a better solution that works for your lifestyle.

Here are a few ways you could decorate a living room without a sofa.

Use a statement chair

Armchairs are a little more traditional and went out of fashion a few years ago. However, a statement armchair is a brilliant option for those with little space. You can enjoy comfortable seating while still having plenty of room for other items.

You could also go for a window seat to make the most out of your bay window. Curl up at the end of a long day and read your book next to the window.


Use an interior design platform

If you are new to interior design, you need to spend some time finding your style. Use an interior design platform to get more ideas and kickstart your interior inspiration. You can find creative ways to make the most out of the space and put your own stamp on it.


Use bean bags

Bean bags are extremely underrated. They can look chic and add a different height and shape to your space. You could go for a rich leather bean bag or a velvet recliner. The colour and texture of the bean bag can make it look more sophisticated and less childish.


Add floor cushions

If you like the boho style, floor cushions might be the way to go. Opt for cushions in bright colours and patterns to create a little more personality in your living room. You may have to spend a little more on good-quality cushions that are comfortable to sit on. When you need to use the living room for a workout or party, you can pile the cushions in the cupboard and free up some space. Genius!


Hang up a hammock

Embrace your adventurous side, and hang up an indoor hammock to relax in. Hang your hammock next to a window with a killer view so you can lie down and watch the sun go down. Just make sure the ceiling and walls are strong enough to support the weight of your hammock. You might need to check with an architect to see if the walls need extra supports in place.

Don’t get bogged down in what should be in a home – and make your space work for your lifestyle.