Is your living room starting to look a bit tired and outdated? Why not give it a new lease of life by redecorating parts of it? You may even find that when one element of your room has been redesigned or replaced, it makes the rest of the room transform into the exact look you wanted in the first place. Start with the obvious; if something is broken or is stained, for example, it may just be that that is letting the rest of the room down. If, however, you do decide to redecorate the whole room but don’t want to break the bank, here are a few tips and tricks on how to do so.

Talk to Friends and Family

If you are in the market for a new lamp, for example, chat to friends and family about whether they are throwing any out or are thinking about replacing one. There may even be some hidden gems up in lofts or basements that they themselves had forgotten about, so it is definitely worth asking them first.

Charity Shops

The charity shop is the home of the bargain. The difference between a charity shop and a vintage/antique shop is that you are more likely to save money by choosing to check out a charity shop first, and also, you will know that the money you pay goes towards a worthy cause. The nature of a vintage/antique shop means that they specialise in their products so may up the price if they know the demand and worth is high. In charity shops, there is a constant restock of products due to the number of people donating, so you are more likely to grab yourself a bargain. If you have anything to donate to a charity shop whilst redecorating, make sure you do so that someone else can find a new home for it.


Upholstery fabrics can save a piece of furniture that is maybe looking quite tired and perhaps outdated. These upholstery fabrics from are the perfect example, as they come in so many beautiful patterns, colours, and textures so you can make the material personal to you and your style. Using their fabric finder, you can refine your search by your preferred colour and style so that you can match your room’s design. Upholstering a piece of furniture can completely change the look of not just the piece, but the whole room too. The materials are at great prices too, so instead of buying a completely new sofa/chair, try giving it a new lease of life with a gorgeous material. It is perfect for if you would like to change the theme of the room but love a piece of furniture too much to part ways with it.

There are so many more ways to redecorate any room – not just your living room – by using cheaper methods. It is also great for the environment to use second-hand products or to upcycle your existing furniture too because less waste is being generated. Have a look around your living room and see if anything could do with a change, and make your living room your relaxing, homely paradise.