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Make Your Own Chocolate Eggs To Save Money This Easter

At Easter, children love eating Easter eggs, but they love making them even more.  While it may seem daunting to make your own Easter eggs, it is not actually as difficult as you think.  All you need are some molding templates. These can be purchased online for very little.

You will need to start by gradually melting the chocolate. Then direct your children to fill the mold halfway with the melted mixture.  You should allow the chocolate to coat the whole mold. Then pour out any excess from the mold.  You need to place the molds in the fridge to set which should take 10 minutes.  Repeat this process until there is a nice and thick coat of chocolate before sticking the 2 halves together by heating the edges slightly. This is something that the adults should do.  To finish the eggs you need to melt some dark and white chocolate and let the children decorate with swirls and patterns.


Play Carrot Toss To Save Money This Easter

The active Easter-themed game, Carrot Toss, is a great way to burn off some of the chocolate eggs you have had.  To play, you need a large sheet of white card, adhesive tape, coloured pencils, thin strips of wood, a big bag of carrots and scissors.  Once you have everything you need to ask your children to help you draw a large rabbit head with a wide, oval-shaped open mouth.  This needs to be wider than the biggest carrot you have in your bag.

Once the head has been coloured in, you need to carefully cut out the mouth and place the cutout in the garden.  To do this you should tape it to the wood sticks and push them into the ground.  You now have the foundation for a competition to see who can get the most carrots in a row into the rabbit’s mouth.  To increase the challenge you should move further away from the goal.


Decorate Hard Boiled Eggs To Save Money This Easter

All children enjoy being creative regardless of their age.  You can use this to create a fun-filled afternoon.  Set up glue and glitter, paints, coloured feathers and other art and craft materials for the afternoon. I love using these craft kits which include everything you would need.

Firstly ensure that the craft zone is mess-proof. Then you can encourage your children to take part in an Easter egg decorating day.  All you need are plenty of hard boiled eggs which they can decorate as they want.


Bake Easter Treats To Save Money This Easter

Easter is generally seen as a time for indulgence.  One of the best ways to indulge is through a selection of sweet treats.  However, you do not have to worry about being a dab hand in the kitchen to make some of these treats.

To get the whole family involved, let the children take the reins, but provide some supervision to ensure their safety.  Children love getting hands-on when it comes to baking whether they are mixing ingredients or simply pouring out the flour.  They can spend hours decorating treats like cookies and butterfly cakes as well as thorough enjoying the eating of their creations.


Make Bunnies And Chicks And Save Money This Easter

Easter is often associated with fluffy yellow chicks and cotton-tail bunnies.  This is a great opportunity to get the crafts out for your children.  Look at getting some yellow and white pipe cleaners, PVA glue and some small goggle eyes.

You can bend the pipe cleaner into a range of shapes and let your children create bunnies and chicks from them.  Once they have the right shape they can use the PVA glue to stick on the eyes.  You will then have homemade Easter decorations for the house and garden.


Plan An Easter Hunt And Save Money This Easter

Easter brings with it spring and it is the ideal time to spend time in the garden.  An Easter egg hunt is a tradition for many families around the world and will provide a lot of fun for little curious minds.

Small chocolate eggs are ideal for hunts because you can buy them in multi-packs and they are easy to hide around your home and garden.  For something a bit different you could look at picking up rabbit teddies and use them instead.


Deals And Freebie Sites To Save Money This Easter

There are always sites that offer Easter deals, and freebies and they often offer free easter eggs or tell you about free easter hunts.


Wishing you a lovely and thrifty time this Easter.

Hollie x


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