dispose of waste clothingClothes are an important necessity for all human beings. As we grow older, we buy more clothes for ourselves. With time, we end up having piles of clothes that we do not know what to do with. Some of the clothes may not even fit anymore. Others may be too old, while others may be too old fashioned. There is even a possibility that you bought some clothes, which you later found not appealing. So what do you do with all this junk of clothes? Do you burn them, throw them away, hoard them, give them away, sell them, or recycle them?

Perhaps you may decide to call a waste disposal and removal company like Shift.

There are many options on how to deal with excess clothes, which are no longer valuable.


Textile recycling is a thing. You do not have to throw away those old, rugged clothes. Nowadays there are companies whose sole function is to recycle textile. By doing so, the clothes can be recycled into more useful products like wiping rags, car seat stuffing, pillow stuffing, household insulation and many more amazing products.

Other things that you can recycle along with your clothes are shoes, coats, purses, scarves, beddings, linen, curtains, towels, and rugs.

Recycling also helps to maintain a clean environment.

For more information about where and how to recycle your clothes, follow this link.


Another simpler solution to dealing with worn-out clothes, is by simply turning them into rags. They can come in handy when you need to clean your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

You can also use them to wipe your windows, wash your car, and clean up spills.

So take advantage of your old clothes and make your entire home sparkling clean.


This is perhaps the most common way of handling old clothes. If the clothes are still in perfect shape, you can give them away to your younger siblings, friends, relatives, or neighbors.

You do not have to turn good clothes into rugs or destroy them, if there are people close to you who would really benefit from them.

Repairing them

Maybe, all that old cloth really needs is a good tailor. Do not be so quick to get rid of an old cloth just because it is torn.

Perhaps the cloth got a stain and you stashed it away. You can try to use several bleaching agents to remove the displeasing mark. It is surprising what modern stain removers can accomplish.

Find a way to fix the old cloth before giving up on it. It could still be useful to you.

Composting them

Is any of your old clothing made from 100 percent cotton, linen, bamboo, silk, wool, hemp, or cashmere?

If you answered yes, I have very fascinating news for you. Did you know that you could actually compost such kinds of clothes? By turning these unique fabrics back into soil, they can grow fruits, vegetables, and plants!

One way of composting them is by burying them in the soil. Bacteria will break down the biodegradable fiber naturally. The textiles will decompose within a period of one week to one year or more, depending on the material. Textiles like wool and leather may take up to five years or more.

If you find this interesting, here are a few links on the composting of fibers:



Get creative

If you have an artistic mind, there are so many ways that you can use old clothes for fashion and art.

You can cut shapes from old, colorful clothes to make nice handkerchiefs and attractive pocket scarves.

If you are bold when it comes to fashion, you can use pieces of old clothes to make brilliant patches on your outfits like jean trousers and jean jackets.

You can even make art projects from old clothes. You can spread clothes over a piece of canvas, cut out all sorts of designs, frame them, and hang them on your wall.

I hope that you are no longer confused about what to do with your old clothes. From the above information, it is clear that your clothes can still be useful in many ways. Some methods like composting them and recycling them are recommendable because they are environment friendly.