With budgets getting increasingly tighter, I’ve been to Asda to check out the Just Essentials range and managed to create a fortnight’s meal plan and the shopping list to go with it that I hope will help lots of families out during the cost of living crisis.

Everyone’s family is different

It’s worth mentioning that I’m not vegetarian or have any food allergies in my family, but I hope that you can adapt the meals to suit your needs. The prices are to feed a family of four but you can easily bulk out the meals with crusty bread, lentils, extra veg to make it go further if you need to.

The shopping list

Asda just essentials shopping list £50 budget family meals

The 14 day budget family meal plan using Asda Just essentials range

14 day budget family meal plan Asda just essentials

Screen shot it, print it, share it with a friend, save it for later if you’re not that skint at the moment. I just hope it helps at least one family and makes their lives a little easier.

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