free donutIt’s my birthday this week which made me think of all the fab free stuff you can get just for celebrating another year on Earth and you simply can’t beat free food! That’s why I recommend downloading the ‘Friends of Krispy Kreme’ rewards app for Apple or Android and use it to register for their free loyalty scheme.

Each year you receive a voucher to show in store for one free donut of your choice for your birthday (normally worth around £1.35-£1.75). But you can also get a free glazed donut for your children (up to three of them) and your other half via the app on their birthdays.

These donuts are huge so are perfect for kids parties chopped up into bite-sized pieces and topped with ice-cream. Alternatively, you could make cold kebabs with donut pieces and slices of chopped fruit on kebab sticks.

Receiving one of these freebie emails has to be worth signing up for and with Krispy Kreme you get a free donut just for signing up to, even if it’s not nearly your birthday!free donut