eat for free with the olio appOlio is a mobile phone app which connects you to neighbours and local business who have left over food they don’t want to waste. This is why you can eat for free with the Olio app.

How do I get it?

Olio can be downloaded from the Apple and Google stores straight to your phone.

What’s it really for?

You can use the app for food nearing its sell-by date in shops and supermarkets, excess home-grown veggies, bread from your local baker, or the perishables in your fridge before you go on holiday. OLIO can even be used for non-food household items too.

How does it work?


Why should I do it?

According to the experts, half of all food waste takes place at home. You probably have some hot spot areas in your kitchen where you’re more likely to see food waste. Ours is bread as we simply don’t eat much of it. We also sometimes have an issue with salad and I believe this is down to the design of the fridge which means its hidden away. Out of sight, out of mind unfortunately! In the future I’ll have a fridge which has the food at eye level, that I think will help with food waste too.

Is there going to be enough people around to take part with?

There are currently well over 1 million people registered on Olio across 32 countries! It’s really likely that you’ll have at least a few people near you trying to reduce food waste. Whether that’s people wanting to eat for free with the Olio or those who don’t want to throw their food away. Even if there isn’t many, you can do your bit and promote the app to get more people involved. It’s a lovely way to get to know your neighbours too! If you’re interested in this, Olio offer two types of volunteer opportunities:

  • Ambassadors – Help spread the word about OLIO in your local community! Find out more and sign up here.
  • Food Waste Heroes – Collect and share unsold/surplus food from shops, cafes, canteens or events and redistribute it on OLIO. Find out more and sign up here.

eat for free with the olio app picture of bananas with quote asking when did it become weird to share food than waste it

Is it safe?

You can agree a pick up place anywhere so go for somewhere public or make sure you have someone else with you if possible. You would hope that the type of people who could be bothered to try and reduce food waste in this way would also be a nice normal person who you could safely share address details with. In my opinion though it is not worth the risk. Look after your self first, then you’ll enjoy your free food even more.

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eat for free with the olio app