food storage so it lasts longerEach Boxing Day Asda gives away vegetables for free and you’re welcomed to take as much as you want. There can be a real temptation to take as much as you can carry, but you know that if you can’t prep and freeze it in time it will all spoil and get thrown out.

To avoid wasting it, there’s ways you can store food to make it last as long as possible.

  1. Freeze food as soon as possible in recyclable containers. These takeaway style tubs are idea.
  2. Avoid storing break in the fridge. Keep it in a plastic bag for a couple of days and anything leftover, freeze straight away.
  3. String bags are great to take to shops and reuse but also perfect to store fruit and veg in as it means they can breathe and not sweat.
  4. To prevent the sweating you can also layer veg with tea towels or kitchen roll to absorb any extra moisture.
  5. Make sure you separate fruit and veg. if they need to ripen at home (bananas or avocados) you can bury them in dry rice.
  6. Glass jars are perfect for storing hot leftovers in. It can be too easy to leave leftovers in the pan or slow cooker for the next day but it can also be too easy to forget about them and leave them to go off. Classic Kilner jars are ideal for leftovers. You can see exactly what’s stored in them and how much in left too.
  7. Keep grapes, citrus fruits and berries in the fridge where they’re cooler than room temperature.
  8. Before storing in the fridge, wash berries with white vinegar to kill off any spores. Not raspberries though, this will actually reduce their life.

According to Food Waste England, £13 billion of food was wasted in the UK in 2015, approximately 7.3 million tonnes! If you store your food so it lasts longer, you’ll save so much money throughout the year.The average household lost £470 a year because of avoidable food waste. That could be a good chunk to go towards a family holiday or paying down debt. So worth the time and investment to save in the long run.